Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Enough of the wishful thinking, APC can't Win any Election in C'river - Richard Romanus

By Richard Romanus|22nd August,2017|

It baffles me most times when I hear and read about APC boasting on how they are ready to take over power from Governor Ben Ayade/PDP come 2019 in Cross River State. Na so the power easy to take!
Sincerely I must commend some of their online media guys for a marvelous job they are doing to keep the party afloat. They are the reason a few people still know they exist such a party in the State.

The defection of Senator John Owan Enoh to the APC has also played a little role in bringing the party back to life. The fact is, you can take every other thing away from Senator Owan Enoh but you cannot take away the fact that he is a good politician. Since his defection, I cannot count the number of programmes himself and his foot soldiers have put together geared towards popularising the party. If information at my disposal is anything to go by, Ikom Local Government might likely be the venue for the planned South South APC Solidarity rally for President Buhari. All this, is traceable to the life the Senator has brought to the party. Sadly, both the Senator and APC are all expired products that are no longer wanted in the market.

So how then does a party that only exist on Facebook and a few other areas win a house of Assembly seat talk less of a Governorship seat? A party that as of the last count is in four fragments. The Pastor Usani Usani camp, Barr Okoi Obono Obla camp, the Senator Victor Ndoma Egba camp and the Hillard Etta camp. I am very sure that, with the way Senator Owan is going, we might have the Senator John Owan Enoh camp very soon. So which among these camps is likely to produce the Governorship candidate that would fly the party's flag I ask? These are the issues they must resolve first within them before talking about winning the Governorship.

Here is a party that each and every reasonable member is fighting tooth and nail to outdo the other just to secure a federal appointment or curry one or two favours. The abysmal and shameful performance of the Buhari led federal Government has to a large extend made it practically impossible to identify who are the real APC members as most of them are APC in the morning, PDP at night. How can such a party talk about winning any type of election in Cross River State!

To be honest, I am yet to find a person among their midst that can win governorship for them especially when such a person is contesting against Governor Ben Ayade.
Is it Hon Paul Adah, that one that converted all the solar power street lights during his days as NDDC Commissioner to personal use?

Is it Goddy jedy Agba! That one that use 95% of his talking time to tell his audience how he lived in Uwanse during his 2015 welcome home rally without telling them his plans for the state or is it Venatius Ikem whose conduct as Chairman of Obudu Local Government Area and Commissioner for works is the best description of how not to be a public servant? Who? Tell me!
Agreed that Governor Ben Ayade might not have live up to expectations, but he has certainly not done too badly to the extent of denying him second term if he decides to run.

As a matter of fact, if they is anything the Governor has going for him, is the massive goodwill he enjoys from a majority of Cross Riverians courtesy of his food on the table policy.

Enough of the wishful thinking by the Cross River State APC.
Richard Romanus.