Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ex Gov. of CRS Mr. Duke Fingered in the Mystery behind former state Liaison office

My recent inquiries into the real issues behind the contentious Cross River state liaison office building which was originally at 42, Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island Lagos. Has revealed some abnormalities as regards the public property. It is important to note that the said property that belongs to the state just as other states own similar properties in same environ for similar purpose has become a private property.

For better understanding of this subject matter, it is expedient we look into the very essence of this provision, that is the reason for a state liaison office.
A state liaison office is an office that liaises between two states. It can also be seen as an embassy in another state but representing the state that set it up. The citizens of such state can access all the services they should have gotten from their state, at this office and also all information concerning the state that set it up.

In the case of Cross River State Liaison office, it has always carried out this statutory function and many more, such as the housing of some of its staff and had remained a source of temporary accommodation for trafficked ‘returnees’. And also Crossriverians who are also handed over to the liaison office before they are transported back to the state. In most instances deportees could also be included, as it is generally believed that one’s such people gets to their state liaison offices help had reached them. In this regards the size of the building has been very instrumental in meeting up this needs and it has also acted as the administrative office for the government functionaries when they are in the state, as it provides some essential services to such emissaries.

All these services were possible because of the size of the building. Until the government of Donald Duke decided to let go of the priced apartment at the choice location. It is argued at some quarters that it was a government decision to sell off the property at the expense of the essential services it rendered, for the benefit of a few, as it has been alleged that the said property which was to be sold became a personal property of the people at the helm of affairs in that administration.

And the liaison office then after, relocated to a very small property located at 6c Club road, Ikoyi, Lagos. The new building barely can contain all the officers as they could be seen sharing a common floor and the office of the special adviser located just by the side in a not too spacious corner.

This has given rise to issue starring at us and waiting for answers, such as, why did the government sell the priced property? Who actually was it sold to? Why was a smaller apartment gotten, does it mean the initial building was too large for the purpose? Must it be the take home package of those at the helm of affairs?
It is expedient that his Excellency Donald Duke provides answers to these question that have remained un-answered for too long.

It is worthy of mention to note that attempts to get his Excellency’s own side of the story has proven abortive, with his staff creating bottle necks around.
Considering the fact that in recent time, it has become a trend where ex government officials either allocates government properties to themselves upon their exit from office or amass such via purported means of either privatization or auction. It became imperative we talk about this.

As information from some source indicates the property is presently occupied by some cronies of the past Governor of the state. Silence they say is golden, but on this, silence could just be dangerous, as I further reiterate the call for clarity on the subject matter just as 2019 draws closer.

Our mandate our power. And because to whom much is given much is equally expected.

Victor Adaha
(Mr Apolitical)
The writer is an apolitical columnist and analyst void of any form of sentiment. This piece is not a diatribe to any person, institution or body and should not be regarded or seen as malicious or defamatory.