Tuesday, 22 August 2017

I have X-rayed PDP members, None is qualified to occupy the Governor's seat come 2019, Not even Ayade - Justin Obongha

Let me unequivocally expose this mafianic association of looters that call themselves a political party before they inject their deceitful and diabolic vaccines to the electrodes against 2019.

1- A party that are scared of internal democracy. Their candidates are selected by a microscopic few hence, what we see at various levels of government.

2- Association of corrupt individuals who lacks humanitarian heart. A party who looted government treasury for personal business especially for ashawoism.

3- They exhibit unrefined tendencies. Whoever is elected under the platform of PDP will immediately become a tyrant and a god. They behave similarly like occult associations. Where you breached the agreement, your government will experience evil happenings.

4- They control the electorates as cows and steal from them just to enrich themselves. The voters have no right to complain. Farmers were never encouraged during their reign but today a local farmer can sponsor his/her child in the higher institution.

5- PDP cross river state have in 18 good years reduced cross river state to a level where you hardly hear a positive news from us. Incessant bloodshed. Inability to manage internal communal clashes. Poor/porous security system.

6- PDP has a misplaced priority. They bring up unprepared persons into government thereby turning a state like Cross River into a jamboree.

7- Their party ideologies are so childish that anybody at the helm of affairs can toy with. Poor electoral guidelines. Unreliable laws that they keep breaking per second billing. Untruthful/corrupt electoral officers.

8- Their consensus system of electing political officers is so manipulated to an extent of sometimes illegally would suspend the most qualified for a less qualified person to emerge.

9- I pity for them this time that a reasonable party is at the epex of the polity of Nigeria.

I wonder who they will come out with in 2019 because I have personally X-rayed the remaining members including the sitting Governor Benedict Ayade. None is qualified to occupy the Governor's seat come 2019.

I heard some are planning to bring Sen. Geshom Bassey while others are still bent on retaining Governor Ayade as their flag bearer.

No matter what their inline fellows are doing, PDP is gone and gone forever.

According to Patrick of Edo State, "it's better to WOR WOR than to JOR JOR"


Long live APC
Long live Cross River State
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

HRH Chief Justin Obongha
APC Chieftain CRS.