Tuesday, 29 August 2017

On the Sealing of Jedy's Radio Station By Gov Ayade Inyali Peter

What is Gov  Ayade Benedict scared of? Is FAD FM not also privately owned like Jedy's City FM? Can Ayade justify his junketing from one country to another in search of investors with this kind of attitude when he is blocking local investors from investing and developing the state?

I'll update and  republish my article,  "Hypocrisy Of Ayade Investment Drive".

Prince Goddy Jedy Agba is a Cross Riverian like any other person as such should be allowed to do business in the state like every other person.

Ayade should remember that what goes around comes around. He should remember that he's not a life time Governor.

If Jedy cannot operate his legitimate businesses, Ayade should think of what will happen to his own businesses, including the specialist hospital he's building in China  when he leaves office.

For greed and fear of the unknown,  Ayade has again stopped Jedy City FM radio station that would have created jobs for hundreds of Cross Riverians. Since he didn't get the land where the station is located for his own radio station, he and his brother have vowed that Jedy's station would not see the light of the day. God is watching!

The latest closure is a calculated attempt to see City FM licensed withdrawn by NBC. This is a typical witch-hunting and how wicked and desperate the Ayades can be.

But let me assure them that although Jedy is not a trouble maker but there's always light at the end of the tunnel. Very soon  even the trees, animals, water and the ground they walk on will reject them.