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Peace Move: Odukpani Youths wants Council Headquarter Relocated to Okurikang

The Chairman, National Youth Council of Nigeria Odukpani Chapter, Comrade Okon Philip has called on the federal and state government to as a matter of urgency and as a way of forestalling peace in the local government area, relocate the local government council headquarter to Okurikang.

The chairman made this know while delivering his flag off speech at the recently concluded Peace and security summit organized by National Youth Council Odupkani Chapter held at the council headquarter earlier this week.

Philip, noted with pains that the people of Odukpani had suffered severe security challenges that have led to social vices, lost of lives, properties and farmlands. He lamented the poor security apparatus in the local government area calling on the state government to equip the water ways with patrol teams  and establishment of police post in every council ward not just in the Local government but in entire federation so as to protect the lives of Odukpani indigenes whom he said have decided to lay down their arms and embrace peace.

I strongly agitated for the relocation of Odukpani headquarters to Okurikang Area, precisely Ikot Nyong or Esuk Odot and the construction of security base in all the council ward in the country during the youth peace and security summit. My reasons for the relocation of council headquarters was because the present headquarter is too far from the people, in fact, it's over 100kms and as such our people find it so difficult to access their sit of government. Secondly, From Ikot Nyong in Okoyong bloc or Esuk Odot in Odot Clan to the Odukpani endbridge no security agency is found there. But if the was local govt headquarters around that area, the federal and state government would have mount security present there. Besides that, the essence why the Odukpani Council headquarter was planted at it present location was because of Akpabuyo people. Since Akpabuyo was carved out of Odukpani local government Area, there was need to relocate Odukpani headquarters to centralize point to reduce the suffering of our people while trying to access their headquarter. I pray our people have this understanding. He said

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In a related development, the House of Assembly member representing Odukpani at the state house Hon Bassey Akiba, has strongly opposed the proposal of relocating the council Headquarter to Okurikang . Speaking with news men immediately after the summit, Hon. Akiba said relocating the council headquarter is not the solution to the crisis the local government is currently facing.

“I wouldn’t want to agree with him on that, that’s not the problem. Like what we keep talking even in the national prospective. I wouldn’t want to agree that the real issue is the head quarter no!  it’s not the headquarter, the real issue it’s our mind. Like I said, no matter what government will do, move headquarter there or leave it here, and mobilize security apparatus to crisis area and all that, if our mind is still that of “No we must be at war”,

 I think there is there is little we can do but if our mind is “we must  have peace”. In fact 80% of what we require as peace in our people is not government, government is just to encourage and support you to live in peace the major thing there is the people.
 Once the people decide to be in peace, there will be peace, it’s not government, government is there to encourage and support you.” Hon. Akiba insisted.

The event which had all the youth leaders from the various communities that makes up local government area present featured talks and lectures from the security personnel, Clergy and member representing Odukpani in the state house all bordered on the need to maintain peace and security. High point of the summit was a question and answer as well as communiqué drafting session.

Earlier on the chairman of Youth Council had rolled out some appeal and suggestions that will aid peace in the local government. The suggestions are as follows:
1.      That the certificate of recognition any village/clan head that is not residing in his community should be withdrawn.

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2   That the federal and state government should approve the construction of security base in all the council wards in Odukpani Local Government Area as well as the entire country
       That without any political sentiments, the Odukpani Local Government council head quarter be relocated to Okurikang area or its environs.

Comrade Philip thanked everyone who made sure the summit was a success.

Ukorebi Esien

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