Wednesday, 9 August 2017

The social media and the Pull Him Down syndrome

Recently I came across a Facebook post from one Emmanuel Unah wherein he accused the General Manager of Cross River Broadcasting Corporation, Dr Mrs. Teresa Essien of being the owner of FAD FM, a new Radio station in the city of Calabar.

Let me first and foremost say that I am not in anyway holding brief for the General Manager but the truth of the matter is that, until Cross Riverians eschew the Pull Him Down syndrome, our State cannot develop with the speed it ought to.
I say this because whether she is the owner of FAD fm or not, the coming of a new station will obviously create new jobs for the teeming unemployed Youths who roam the street everyday and will also give Cross Riverians an alternative.

The truth is, Dr Teresa Essien does not have a hand whatsoever with the new Radio station. I say this because yours sincerely know the owner of the said station and Emmanuel and his likes must desist from making baseless and unsubstantiated allegations.

Two, in his desperate attempt to tarnish the GM's image, the so called Emmanuel Unah attributed her sack during the Governor Liyel Imoke administration as a result of her inability to account for funds that were given to the Gm for the purchase of equipments for the station. Again, this is another big lie from the pit of hell. As a matter of fact, only the then Governor knew his reasons for relieving her of her appointment as they were never a time she was handed such monies.

Thirdly, in an obvious attempt again to blackmail the Head of Service of the Federation, Mrs Winifred Oyo Ita, the poster went as far as accusing her of  been behind Mrs. Essien's appointment in exchange for federal appointments  for Cross Riverians. Let it be known that the federal Head of Service has loss count of the number of Cross Riverians she has given jobs as she does not need to enter into any agreement with the Governor before she helps her people when the such opportunity present itself.

Let it also be known that the same woman has been in the Broadcasting industry for decades now and am sure it was in the desire of our Amiable Governor to reposition the State Owned Broadcasting Station for better service delivery that he found her worthy to be re-appointed into the Station as General Manager.

Finally, rather than bring this woman down as it is very obvious is the motive behind the post, they is an urgent need for all Cross Riverians of good conscience to encourage her towards surmounting the challenges that come  with running a 21st century Broadcasting station that is owned by Government. The Era where we bring people down for the sake of it should not be allowed to pass.

Owaro Opiti 
is a Concerned Cross Riverian.