Saturday, 23 September 2017

2019 Presidential Election: Nigeria woman declares open her intention to run for president ( Read her manifesto )

A Holland-based Nigerian woman has indicated her interest in wanting to run for the position of the president in 2019. The mother of three shared her thoughts with the world but didn’t get the desired response when they came attacking her diction and vocabulary.

Monice Ambrose didn’t back down at the words of the trolls who immediately directed her to go and polish her spoken English before thinking of running for president. Instead, the mother of three responded to the trolls saying “Many Nigerian readers can’t speak English.” In her opinion, those who spoke well have only done so much for the country as Nigerians can see. She stood her grounds asking she be supported to become Nigeria’s president in 2019.

When it came down to it, Ambrose fired back at the trolls who attacked her diction and vocabulary saying: “English has not be able to give you good roads and electricity for decades.”
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