Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Asu Okang sues for Peace: Unite warring factions as new Clan Head for Etara/Ekuri emerges.

|By Andrea Iyang| 18th, September 2017|
The Etara/Ekuri Clan, a suburb of Etung Local Government Area, littoral Cross River State had in the past three years suffered hiccups due to leadership indifferences that ensued within the hierarchy structures upon the demise of the then Clan head.
This power tussle had left the community bare in leadership for that long which also affected their economic and social input in the society at large.
Amidst the diverseness of interest, the communities have remained civic, maintaining high level of patriotism and modesty.
Considering the economic and political setbacks these sort of disagreements could cause, the Honourable Commissioner for Youth and Sports CRS Comr. Asu Oku Okang, who hails paternally from Etara community steps in to redress and constitute a clan leadership via consensus of Elders in council.
In his own style of deportment and high sense of repackaging and Branding, he embellished all the family heads from the two communities with royal regalia to project Kingship and boost their esteems.
The women in various categories were also dressed to reflect the ambience of Augustness.
While addressing the media, the Honourable Commissioner Stated, "This is not a show off please, but while we are busy discharging our duties, we should also remember the philosophy of our Principal HE Sen. Prof. Ayade Benedict about giving. These people deserve to be taken care of and I will not sleep until they are liberated from the present condition of things".
The community applauded his wisdom and pragmatic approach in settling the dispute which had left them vulnerable for too long and in appreciation thanked him for his beneficence and stewardship to the clan.