Tuesday, 5 September 2017

De-Mandate Advocate Stands Against The Assassination Attempt on Bar. Joseph Odok PhD

|by Ambo Ramzi Nyce Michael| 05-09-2017|

De-Mandate Advocate Stands Against The Attempted Assassination Of A Concerned Citizen (Bar. Joseph Odok PhD.), This Will Not Be Accepted In Our Time.

In a generation where everyone is seeking and hoping for peace, we see a yet deformed generation where what we desire is broken. Young Minds with creative ideologies are being pressed down by political thuggery with evil ambitions to deprive and thereafter maim our desires of becoming successful citizens.

We were less participatory in our mandate request but for this single act, we will be more participatory in our mandate request(How many citizen, una wan kill?). We will not rest until our voices are heard, as patriotic citizens of Cross River State, it's high time we stand against forceful acceptance of poor governance, unrealistic political ideologies and interpretation via threats, blackmails, hunger, poverty and hasty wealth acquisition. All these will never solve our problems of becoming a better State but will rather bring hate and strive.

We De-Mandate Advocate as a unified unit, a militia for good governance, and leadership will do the needful that is expected when one of our concerned citizen and by interest a member is marked for silence. We want to send this message to all forceful political thugs and insane politicians, who feel they shouldn't or can't be questioned on taxpayer's money and their accountability, to be warned and desist from this act and live by good example to their electorates/constituents.