Friday, 29 September 2017

I am a Catholic priest and I am in love with this pretty girl -Rev Father Laments

Please share. I am a Catholic Priest (Names withheld) and presently head a parish in the South South. I was previously in Benin City but was transferred to one of the Villages in South South. On arrival at my place of duty; I was given a wonderful reception by the villagers and parishioners. 

When I arrived first I found it difficult to settle down and I was very unsettled, but along the line a young pretty parishioner came to my rescue, she helped me in settling down quickly, taking care of my household chores and other domestic duties. Honestly, the girl is so humble, well behaved and sorry to say but endowed as a lady. She smiles at every given opportunity and has never been rude to me or anyone in particular. She has lots of patience, Tolerance and a forgiving spirit. The problem now why I am writing this is because I have come to really fall in love with her.

And due to my Priestly calling, I should not be seen lusting after a woman talk less of falling in love. I have held myself for this long to ignore the temptation but I have come to realize that she might be meant for me .Although I have not made my intention known to her because of my calling but I don’t think I can hold it any longer because i would become mad if she gives her heart to someone else. I have promised to further her education and see she has the best the world can offer .Please, what do I do? I am a Catholic priest and my calling forbids a relationship.

Should I renounce my faith and marry her or I should enter into an affair with her secretly? Please this is a matter of the heart I want your readers to judge with an objective mind .Thanks a lot for your usual understanding, I look forward to a fruitful reply .And may God bless you richly