Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I Want To Be Like Senator Owan John Enoh - By Ifere Paul

|By Ifere Paul| 18th, September 2017|
Cross River State is blessed to have a politician like Senator John Owan Enoh. Like him or hate him, he treats you just like his brother and sister. What is the value of hate? He once asked me.
Why should I hate a brother or sister and distance myself from him/her? When we can love ourselves and achieve a lot for our State, Cross River., he queried during a courtesy call to his office in February this year.
I have been following Senator John Owan Enoh from his days in the House of Representatives down to the bitter battle of the senate primaries. Thank God, all that bitterness has been left behind.
One thing I have come to appreciate with Senator John Owan Enoh is his ability to play around every political leader with such a high level of neutrality. Senator Owan Enoh doesn't seem to bother whether that is a PDP man or that is an APC woman. He treats all politicians, irrespective of their political parties as human beings first before the party.
Senator John Owan Enoh has a wonderful gift. While in the PDP, he can come to an APC event and steal their show. Now, he is stealing PDP shows. First, with his ever ready and ever willing to move loyalists. Secondly, he has respect for people, and will go round an event greeting people, sharing gratitude, and giving and accepting acknowledgements. Owan is a genius. He does not mind holding serious conversation with his-will-be-political-office-contenders right in the open. While on the conversation, he is always smiles, frowns that makes furrows on his foreheads, and his gesticulations are easily caught on camera by his ever busy paparazzi.
One thing going for him is his cute dimples when he smiles, and has a 3D photogenic complexion that requires minimal photo editing. Senator Owan Enoh is tall, lithely slim, and handsome, with intelligent eyes. And he's a giver without regret.
It is therefore not surprising to me that Senator John Owan Enoh stole the Ogoja PDP New Yam Festival Celebration event. In fact, Owan will steal it again and again. Even if that event is to be held by the governor, Senator John Owan Enoh that I know will gate-crash and steal the show naturally.
It will be difficult to have Senator Owan in an event and not notice it. He is popular. Dumping the PDP has made him a bit controversial. Politicians like Senator Owan manages and sometimes creates positive image controversy just to take the shine away from those who considers them enemies.
Senator John Owan Enoh is an ace politician.
He's approval rating to win the senate race in 2019 sits at 92.3%. If Senator Owan pushes for more bills and motions, and with an increase in quality constituency projects and physical presence (stomach infrastructure), Senator JOE will cruise to victory in a landslide.
Make no mistakes, this is my opinion. Senator JOE must continue to show workings. But when I decide to be a politician I want to be like Senator Owan.
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