Saturday, 2 September 2017

Imoke behind Plot to send Ayade, John Gaul on Political Exist come 2019, willing to apologize to Ugbo not Jeddy Agba

Reports has it that former governor Liyel Imoke is seriously working behind the scene to ensure that the digital Governor of Cross River State Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade’s ambition for 2019 and that of the Speaker of the State house of Assembly, Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo does not see the light of the day.
According to our source, Imoke had discussed with the PDP national chairman, Ahmed Markafi and other part big wigs to do all they can in order to put to a conclusive but premature halt the political journey of Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade and that of John Gaul Lebo.

The source went further to  say that Liyel said the emergence of Ayade as Governor of the state and John Gaul as Speaker of the state House are two big mistakes he must stand to correct. He however does not regret frustrating Jeddy Agba’s 2015 gubernatorial ambitions but seriously regrets not handing over the seat of power in the state to Legor and he is very much willing to make amends with Fidelis Ugbo.

Recall that TDN in her publication of 31st August, 2017 revealed how the National leadership of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP and the Governor of Rivers State Wosome Wike are plotting to unseat the digital governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Benedict Ayade come 2019.
Our source who was reacting to the thread the above publication generated on face book puts it this way:

“Truth be told, it is not Wike that is pursing the agenda but former governor Liyel Imoke . Intelligence gathering from the inside has it that Imoke has told Markafi to end Governor Ayade and John Gaul Lebo’s political journey in 2019.”
“The duo of Governor and speaker are errors he stands to correct. However, he regretted not going ahead with Legor in2015b and also willing to apologize to Fidelis Ugbo, but no apologies to JD Abga.”
Also reacting to the issue, a foremost political analyst and social influencer Simon Utsu had this to say:

“The immediate past governor of my state, Liyel Imoke is still the state's godfather of politics. From feelers out ‎there, he and his core loyalists aren't satisfied with Ayade's stewardship so far(like most of us) and are shopping for a replacement come 2019. Our politics(Cross River) isn't yet mature enough for independents to wake up and vie for office without the endorsement of godfathers and this has led to these godfathers continually 'raping' the electorate via imposition of either ill-prepared candidates or those who lack the capacity for various positions they're selected for. Till that time(of electoral independence) comes, I'll use this opportunity to plead with the godfathers to 'rape' the electorate with a little respect and make choices (for us) that'll make us and not mar us.”

Ukorebi Esien

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