Monday, 18 September 2017


Matthew Okache| 18th, September 2017|
- Every group has the right to agitate for a course so far it is done within the ambit of the law, but not definitely through violence.
- The actualization of Biafra cannot be achieved without the help of the southeast elites, governors, senators, honourables, and their leaders. So it will just be an exercise in futility.
- I doubt if the southeastern elites will render their support for the agitation because they are also benefiting from the Nigeria largesse.
- Not all the Igbos support the agitation. This is evidence in the recent rejection of IPOB agitation by the Igbos living in the north. Probably maybe for fear of being attacked.
- You can't expect the Igbos who have invested heavily in all the nooks and crannies of the country to abandon their investment after the actualization.
- The deployment of the military to the southeast is condemnable in its entirety. When we are not at war.
- The declaration of IPOB by the military as a terrorist organization is uncalled for, because it doesn't follow due process.
- The federal government should dialogue with the group, instead of using force.
- Rule of law should be followed. Both Nnamdi KANU and the federal government has defaulted in this regard.
- The only solution to all this agitations and shout of marginalization is to return back to regional government.
- Yes, RESTRUCTURING is the only option we have if all these agitations and shout of marginalization need to stop.
- And for those beating the drum of war, it seems you don't know the meaning of war. Go and ask our fathers and mothers that experience and survive the civil war of 1967-1970. I bet it with you, you will not wish to experience those dark period.