Tuesday, 19 September 2017

‘No sane people engage the evil spirit of war two times and survives it twice’ C’river born legal Luminary advices Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB members

|By Utum Eteng| 18th, September 2017|

To my Igbo brothers, I say, this is the time to tell yourselves, your generations born or unborn including Kanu (the-self claimed messiah) the truth of the possible consequences of his actions as he continue to be led by a foreign evil spirit to drum the drums of war ceaselessly.

 It's an incontrovertible fact that no sane people engage the evil spirit of war two times and survives it twice. Yes, granted that Kanu's demand for a Biafran state represents the dream of the Igbos, he should promptly better be told in very clear language that he should do it without violence and challenge approach to the Nigerian authority'.

The leadership of the Igbos cannot pretend not to notice the loss of the life's of a few young men from an encounter with soldiers sent to keep the peace in. Umuhia, ABIA state. Lest one forgets, their Excellencies ,the governor's of the 5 Igbo states are commended for their bold steps taken to proscribe the activities of this illegal formation called IPOB which has now been described by the military as a terrorist group.

The facts of the IPOB approach may not be the same with that of others but suffice it to still quickly remind Ndi-Igbo how Obasanjo as president used Gen. Victor Malu to almost wipe away the Odi people of Bayelsa state before turning over to also neatly wipe away the same gen. Malu's own people of Zaki-Biam. It is important to remind NDI -Igbo that a declaration of any group of people to break away illegally from an already existing independent country is a felonious act to be legitimately resisted by the use of reasonable force.

 Kanu we are told has written a complaint to the UN, but let it be known to him that the municipal law of Nigeria is superior as it is the only law that sets the standards for divisions in the country. The international countries are there to encourage factions in countries to create markets for the sale of their military hard wares. Kanu must be restrained promptly to spear our nation of avoidable agony of the possible catastrophic consequences. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE.