Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Odok does not run a travelling agency, George Odok faults media report

On Joseph Odok's failed assassination attempt

...Our attention must not be diverted

A certain publication has been circulating round the social media that Odok was attacked over "an unfinished" business with a certain girl over an international passport saga.

Odok, to the best of my knowledge does not run any 'traveling and ticketing firm' to be responsible for such act of meeting up with a girl at Zanzibar bar hotel for such transaction.

However, if the said girl was desperately looking for a visa to travel abroad, according to some mis-informed sources, and she met Odok, and the visa was not released, it beholves on her to report the matter to police for onward interrogation.

Stories are flying up on what the girl said,  and some people are quick to digest it. If I may ask, who saw this girl before her arrest? Who interviewed her after her arrest to ascertain the true cause of the incident? But,  we are keen on digesting 'hear-say'report.

The girl has been arrested and she is presently in the custody of security agent were she is providing useful information for further investigation.

It is wrong for us to go to press and publish a 'one sided story's without giving it fairness by hearing from Odok.

Joseph was never arrested by anybody,  after his rescue yesterday by a combined team of security men, he went to the DSS this morning to give his statement. He has not spoken to any newsman. His phone was also collected by those who stabbed him while his car was equally destroyed.

As it stands now, it is only the security agency that can reveal to us, after their thorough investigation, the true cause of the incident.

Until that is done,  we must filter all that we hear on a screen of truth. Social media is not a 'law court' to pass judgement on any individual.