Friday, 29 September 2017

‘Please Allow Me to Showcase Myself!’ Peter Okoye tells Paul in an Emotional Open Letter

Peter Okoye has called out his twin brother Paul Okoye, asking the other half of P-Square to allow him his moment to shine.
Posting on his Instagram, Peter shared a screenshot of Paul’s post on Twitter, which he think is targeted at him. Hence why he has taken to the public platform to accuse his brother of engaging in an unhealthy competition.
“Pls enough of the shades my brother I have moved on,” said Peter in his post. “I have even called myself an upcoming artiste.”
He continued, referencing old angst, saying, “You are the [songwriter] and the voice of Psquare, the every every! No wahala. pls allow me to have my peace showcase my self to the world and enjoy with my family.”
“And I am expecting you to do the same. It is not a competition and it is not healthy. My brother I have moved on. I am very sure we will definitely do songs again in future and I wish you all the best bro,” he added.
This sad update comes moments after Peter Okoye praised the wives of the Okoye’s as his Women Crush, praising them for keeping it together at this time.
Now, he is writing an open letter to his brother Paul. While he cautions Paul against unhealthy competitions, he still looks forward to collaborating in the future. “Nothing but love God bless Psquare and the great Fans, God bless Mr P and God bless Rudeboy. #Peace,” he added.