Monday, 4 September 2017

Sen. Geshom Bassey under fire in respect of the 15 NNPC controversial appointments, constituent demand to know contribution.

|Ukorebi Esien| 4th September, 2017|

The distinguish lawmaker  representing Cross River State Southern Senatorial District at the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Saturday, came under fire from a member of his immediate constituency in respect of the recently announced appointments made at the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) TDN can report.
Mr. Efio-Ita Nyok, a social media influencer and blogger based in Cross River State’s capital city, Calabar demanded from Sen. Bassey, who incidentally is the Vice Chairman of the Senate committee on Petroleum Resources (Upstream), what role he played to ensure that Cross Riverians were included in the recently announced appointments at NNPC.
Last week, NNPC announced fifteen Nigerians into significant roles in a spread that is perceived to be nepotistic : 10 northerners, 3 South Westerners and 2 South Southerners. None from Cross River State were appointed into high ranking positions in NNPC despite having so many Cross Riverians.

Below are the names of successful Nigerians to the NNPC:
1. Malami Shehu, - MD Port Harcourt Refining Company.
2. Muhammed Abah, - MD Warri Refinery.
3. Umar Ajiya, - MD of NPMC.
4. Bala Wunti, - GGM CP&S.
5. Usman Yusuf, - GMD STA. (Tech).
6. Ahmadu-Katagum - GGM Shipping (Downstream).
7. Kallamu Abdullahi - GGM Renewable Energy Division.
8. Shaibu Musa - MD NNPC Medical Services Limited.
9. Ibrahim Birma - GGM Governance, Risk & Compliance Division.
10. Farouk Ahmed - MD Product Mkg - Retiring.
1. Adewale Ladenegan, - MD Kaduna Refinery
2. Adeyemi Adetunji, - MD NNPC Retail.
3. Bola Afolabi, - GGM Research & Development.
1. Roland Ewubare - Group General Manager
2. Diepriye Tariah - MD of IDSL.

Nyok’s social media thread originally reads thus: ‘I demand to know what Senator Gershom Bassey of Cross River State Southern Senatorial District and the VICE CHAIRMAN OF THE UPSTREAM PETROLEUM COMMITTEE did to influence the appointments at Nigerian National Petroleum Company’.
The trio of Miss Samantha Ekanem, Messrs Victor Inyang, Coco-Bassey Esu and Owai Obo perceived social media handlers of Bassey have responded to Nyok’s inquiry. Bassey, speaking through one of his media aides, Victor, made it clear that the list of appointment recently released by the NNPC was not a Federal government influenced appointment but an internal reshuffling of offices within the NNPC. Obo, Esu and Ekanem did reiterate Inyang’s argument. They didn’t advance any argument spectacularly convincing. Ekanem would later become abusive and portray a bad image of Bassey who is her uncle from findings.

For instance, while replying below Nyok’s thread, she said:
Ekanem Samantha Bassey What I see here is someone looking for relevance stop granting Efio-Ita Nyok audience please . Ignore him. By answering him you are making him popular. Please ignore him. From his write up he needs to be schooled . See the audacity to tag the senator. Is Sen. Gershom Bassey the only senator representing Cross River State ? See who is asking our Distinguished questions, he really needs to go back to school to learn the basics. I thank God for our Distinguished Senator, he is too busy with his work. God bless him for us, Amen.
following comments were made in that thread:

However, it was later observed by Mr. Victor Inyang that the appointments were purely an NNPC affairs and a major reshuffling in the leadership of the NNPC. At this point, Mr. Efio-Ita Nyok said he still believes there are still qualified Crossriverians in the NNPC who should have been in this top cadre of the NNPC but have no one to lobby for them with Sen. Geshom Bassey sitting as the Vice Chairman Senate committee on petroleum resources (upstream).
In my opinion, I think the distinguished Senator has media aides that are overzealous who do not want any constituent to engage their principal at all and this has been a thing of concern for majority of his constituent who voted him(if at all he was voted).

Affiong Nikita Ndem Ask me o. We are his constituents n we hv to hold him accountable either words of mouth or social media. I didn't even vote him sha n xo he owes me no explanation
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Affiong Nikita Ndem @ Martins, plz tell me 1 thing he has done cos I dnt seem to c any.
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Coco-bassey Esu You don't need to be told, look, open your ears and accept it, don't allow party sentiment to blind fold you.
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Affiong Nikita Ndem Am core pdp. Am still longing to knw Wat he has done so far 4 his constituents. Even d few ppl I knw in calabar south dat almost died for him are more frustrated than expected
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Coco-bassey Esu You didn't vote for him but you are a core PDP, check your self who you are, how can some one whose identity is not known be ever sincere to testify about somebody, please check where you belong to
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Affiong Nikita Ndem Lol. We all knw hw he won na or hv u forgotten so soon ? Anyways, dats nt d issue, am still pdp n working with Sen. Ayade to mk d State better
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Coco-bassey Esu You now know not all,you were playing game, you are one of those that cause the lost of PDP from the central, you are trying to come back, even if you are back, your vote cannot overwhelm thousands of voters ready to vote Senator Gershom, keep your bitterness aside
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Affiong Nikita Ndem 10months to campaign. Till then
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Coco-bassey Esu Waiting........
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