Friday, 29 September 2017

Why I Stopped Commenting on Yakurr Politics - Obasesam Okoi

By |Obasesam Okoi | 29th September, 2017|

One of the intellectual elites from Ijiman community in Ugep, drew my attention to an online campaign championed by one of Honorable Bassey Ewa's boys. As the name indicates, the campaign is seeking for so-called "New Faces" to replace old faces in Yakurr politics.

I was told in confidence that the project was initiated to resist Bassey Ewa's ambition. This is a very good campaign but the message isn't new, especially in Yakurr politics.
One of the weaknesses of the campaign is that it is championed by Old Faces instead of New Faces or even Neutral Faces.

The truth is, those posturing as New Faces have benefited from the PDP government in many ways. Some were Councillors, some were Legislative Aides to Bassey Ewa, and some currently hold appointments under Ayade's government and therefore cannot deceive the public that they are New Faces.

I recall vividly that the same people claiming to be New Faces were used by Bassey Ewa to spy and attack anyone criticizing him online. They labelled us an imprint of names, including "Facebook Politicians." But when it was time to attack Bassey Ewa, they came to the same Facebook to initiate their campaign. Will any reasonable Yakurr man or woman take such people and their campaign seriously?
Secondly, the people championing the New Faces campaign have a natural disposition to disloyalty and cannot be trusted. I recall that some people were made by Chief Obeten Okorn. They later left Obeten Okorn and became traitors to the Ugep community by trading secrets with Bassey Ewa. Honorable Ewa emphasized on their gossips to nail Ugep to the cross. If some people have problems with Bassey Ewa, they cannot use us to settle their grievances because we are enlightened.
I stopped commenting on Yakurr politics because interacting or disagreeing publicly with such characters makes me feel that I was disrespecting myself.

They labelled us as Facebook Politicians. Yet, they were in Ugep when ITM was shut down but did nothing about it. It was the same Facebook Politicians who initiated a campaign online, giving the government an ultimatum to re-open ITM. It was the same Facebook Politicians who traveled to Nigeria to mobilize students and other community members in a street campaign that drew government attention to ITM. Three weeks later, ITM was re-opened.

When we started another campaign to call for accountability at ITM following reports of corruption, the same people labelled us an imprint of names just to get some cheap contract from the ITM management. Today, the management is conscious that people are watching. The result? Tuition has dropped and things are returning to normal.

My point is, don't join causes that are self-serving. Instead, join public spirited causes. They will abandon you once Bassey Ewa calls them in secret to bribe them with just 1 million naira. We

We know who is sponsoring this campaign. Their aim is to divide Yakurr to their political advantage. If there is any fight that is needed at this moment, it should be how Yakurr can use its population to negotiate power and opportunities for the benefit of all, not political manipulations that will benefit a few individuals who are aggrieved with the status-quo.