Sunday, 8 October 2017

C\River Min of Lands and Urban Dev. to demolish Thumbs up Ayade, Airtel Nig. City Chic and Udec Communication Offices

|Ukorebi Esien|08 October, 2017|
Going by a letter from the Cross River State Ministry of Lands and Urban Development to the management of City Chic and Uwayen’s events and Bridal  located at 29 Ndidem Usang Iso street Calabar, the ministry will be demolishing all properties in Calabar previously used as eatery but now used for other purposes .

The October 3rd letter which has gone viral on facebook questioned why the managements of City Chic and Uwayen’s Events and Bridal would use a building formerly used for eatery for a boutique and beauty care business stating that the change in use of the building is illegal and as such they have deprived the state government of the needed revenue from the property and also have a negative corresponding traffic level in the environment.

The letter signed by TPL Abobana Edim Abobana reads in part order words, you had embarked on a major renovation of that property without recourse to the development control department.

This is to say the least has deprived the government the needed revenue and corresponding  impacting negatively on the traffic situation in that neighborhood.
In view of the above, I am to inform you to return that property to its original use (eatery) within seven (7) days from the date of this notice, otherwise the office will demolish same and charge the cost to you in addition to any legal action that may be deemed fit in accordance with the cross river state building regulations of 1984 and as amended 1987.

Currently Many Crossriverians have raised eyebrows on the above letter while questioning why the government through the Ministry of Lands will be interested in upturning the use of only the property located at No.29 Ndidem Usang Iso Street.

If the property that currently house City Chick must be demolish under the guise of illegal use of building, then Former Chicken Republic at Marian road now used for Thumbs Up Ayade, a campaign outfit for his Excellency the digital Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade must also be demolished. Another property that have been singled out by Crossriverians  that must be demolished by Ministry of Lands and development is Airtel Nigeria customer care office at Etta Agbor road and Udec communication (a phone shop) Communication opposite UNICAL both were formerly used for eatery by Chicken Republic and Mr. Biggs respectively.

Another question running through my mind is, why will the state government want to demolish the structure just because it now houses a beauty care business that does not chunk out large revenue to the state government compared to an eatery? That building had been laying waste for months without generating any revenue to the state government.

Why will the government now want to destroy a place that will now be adding to the state’s revenue even if it may not be as much as Mr. Fans was paying when it was using the property?  As the saying goes, half bread is better than none. As someone rightly asked me this morning, was it not the same large taxation that closed down Mr. Fans?

 Ukorebi Esien
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