Sunday, 8 October 2017

Facebook Sunday picture of the week: See what this Damsel did on Sunday on facebook

Sunday is usually a special day for many people especially Christians. Many find themselves in the presence of God(Church) with beautiful cloths to suit the day. In fact it has become a tradition for many not attend Sunday services except they have a new set of clothing to showcase or display in church for the admiration of onlookers.

It is based on the above that TDN decided to single out this pretty damsel who have made it a duty to always post her pictures on facebook almost every Sunday to display the Glory, Grace and splendor of God on her life.

And true to it her pictorial post always attract many engagement from her teeming friends and followers on facebook.
Most times you see her friends mostly guys scrambling to like, share and comment on her post

 The beautiful Odukpani born damsel is a graduate of CRUTECH currently waiting to serve her father's land in the one year compulsory National Youth Service.

Inyang Itam a die hard lover of God and a singer uses her free time to impact knowledge on the next generation.
She is an educationist by schooling and a humanitarian by nature.
 There's is no single time spent with Inyang that is not lively. she is always fun to be with, full of life and vigor.

 But most times she looks lazy, but trust an Efik woman, she is a Lord when it comes to preparing of great meals.

Everyone loves Inyang Itam, a friend to all and off course an enemy to many, with many secret admirers.

If you want her contact please ask google.