Sunday, 8 October 2017

How Akwa Ibom state has stolen the show from Cross River State under Ayade's Watch

|Prince Thomas Abi Jr.| 08 October, 2017
What is happening to Cross River, a few years ago we were the champions in terms of tourism, but today , sister Akwa Ibom State is competing with us. They have gone ahead to even brand the state with a slogan "Dakkada" which is giving the state so much attention. What about Cross River? A little to say or talk about.
Cross River was high up there in terms of cleanliness, what is the ministry of environment doing to keep our state clean, and green? We were known for our green serenity and clean fresh air. What happened to the once clean Calabar?
Cross River was known as the home of sports but today, sister Akwa Ibom State has taken over from us. Where did we go wrong? How did we miss it? We must restrategize and put our state back on track. Sports is a unifier. It has the ability to bring many people together, expose the state and generate so much revenue for the government, businesses, and even our local women who sell by the road side"mama put". We must go back to the drawing board and think deeply and come out with a solution to our problems.
Cross River once had a busy airport, but it is not the case again. Today, neighbouring Akwa Ibom State has stolen the show. We must immediately attract businesses into the state in order for flights to come into Calabar and indeed Cross River. Investors do not come into a state that is not business friendly and lacks the enabling environment for business to thrive. We must rethink and ask ourselves very salient questions.
It is on record that tourist came into Cross River in their numbers, either to our Tinapa Business & Leisure Resort, The Obudu Cattle Ranch, The Marina Resort, Agbokim Water Falls, Oban Hills, Drill Ranch etc, what happened? What is the state of our tourism facility? Are we paying less attention to our tourism potentials or we are just concerned about other frivolous things.
Rural development was one we took very importantly. What is the state of our roads in the state? Are we focusing on building new roads, giving electricity to our people, healthcare and quality education? What are we doing? What is the way forward to our many problems? The right think to do is to make our priorities right and work towards achieving them and in record time.
From Odukpani to the Obanlikwu, our people are cut off in terms of information, our local people barely have access to our state radio. How do we correct this abnormally? The way forward is to immediately digitalize our radio for local people to benefit. It pains me that I barely receive the Cross River Radio in my home Ogoja, rather what I get is radio stations from Enugu and Ebonyi. This is most unfair. A big slap to our state and people.
I love Cross River State, I want to see a state that is growing with the speed of light. I want to see a state growing in all sectors, jobs, food security, water, health, education, industrialization and many more.
I am a concerned citizen, a lover of Cross River who means well for the state.
Note: This is the author's thoughts and must not be used for malicious or political tendency but a guide to our many challenges faced as a people.
Prince Thomas Abi Jr.