Thursday, 19 October 2017

Ifere Paul arrested in Abuja, bundle to Calabar in Handcuffs

|Ukorebi Esien|19th October, 2017

Information reaching our news desk has it that Mr. Ifere Paul a popular social commentator  has been arrested and bundled down to Calabar from Abuja in handcuffs.

The information also has it that the media has been mobilised to take photographs of him all in a bid to humilate and silence him.

Mr. Ifere Paul is known for his outspoken nature and fearlessness in revealing deep secrets of the Ayade led government.

As at press time, reasons for his arrest is still unknown.

Recall that Ifere Paul on several occasions had cried out that he and other whistle blowers, bloggers and social commentators are been hunted by the state government.

Just few weeks ago Mr. Paul boasted how he rejected an offer from some government quarters so he could keep quiet.

 The news of Mr. Paul's arrest was first released by his lawyer First Baba Isa  on his face book wall and it reads thus: 

'It has just come to my knowledge that  Ifere Paul is being bundled from Abuja to Calabar in handcuffs. The media is being mobilized to take pictures of him on arrival in a bid to disgrace and embarrass him. This Gestapo-styled arrest is being orchestrated by persons within the Cross River State Government in liaison with their cohorts in the police on trump up charges.

What has he done wrong that the police cannot handle in Abuja, the headquarters? Why is he being taken to Calabar? Why is the media being mobilized to take pictures of him on arrival?

Ifere Paul is in danger. His numbers are not connecting. His Fundamental Human Right (s) is being plundered. His life is in danger.



F. Baba Isa, Esq.,
(Counsel to Ifere Paul)

TDN shall keep you abreast of happenings as regard Mr. Ifere's arrest.