Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Karma and the alleged re-election bid of senator John Owan Enoh. Part one.

L- Richard Romanus        R- Sen. John Owan Enoh    

|by Richie Romanus| 11 October, 2017

I had decided to take a break from talking about the forthcoming general elections especially as it concerns Central Senatorial District which happens to be my immediate senatorial district but the more I try, the more I keep seeing all manner of write ups authored by people I respect and admire so much advancing lame reasons why the incumbent Senator in the person of Senator John Owan Enoh should be re-elected.

If they is anything I have learnt early in life, it is that, nature has its way of always paying back every single deed whether good or bad no matter how long it takes.
Just incase some of them have forgotten, left for Senator John Owan Enoh alone, nothing I mean nothing would have stopped Senator Victor Ndoma Egba from returning to the red chamber in 2015. It took the active collaboration of the then Governor, Senator Liyel Imoke to ensure that Senator Victor Ndoma Egba was replaced with Senator John Enoch in a very crude and heartless manner. Because of Senator Owan's ambition, Senator Victor was 'dis-familied' from the PDP family.

Because of him, the second most powerful and influential Senate leader Nigeria has ever had after Late Senator Olusula Saraki of Kwara State,was ridicule, disappointed, maligned, disgraced,abused and trampled upon. While the duo of Senator David Mark and Senator Ike Ekweremadu who were Senate President and deputy Senate President scrambled their way, anxiously anticipating the emergence of Senator Ndoma Egba so as to complete the tripod stand that made up the then Senate, The Governor ensured that nothing like that happened with Senator Owan Enoh as the willing tool.

Less than three years later, a little of such ugly treatment himself and the then Governor meted on Senator Victor was allededly meted on him,he cried foul to the extent of dumping the very party that has made him the 'Political grandmaster' most of his followers now claim he is. But the truth of the matter is, no matter where he runs to, the bitch called Karma is real. What goes around comes around. If every other thing does not stop him, nature will stop him that I am very sure.

Senator Owan Enoh newly recruited praise singers keep telling us how well he has performed both in and out of the red chambers and one question nobody seem to be answering me is that 'Was Senator Victor Ndoma Egba underperforming before the then Governor Liyel Imoke and Senator Owan Enoh masterminded the operation Victor must go'? The answer is obviously NO as Senator Victor was always a delight to watch and listen to in the Red Chamber. Even though I had my reservations about him, I was always proud of him anytime he is on the floor of the National Assembly making contributions yet nobody cared whether he was performing or not, what rather mattered was how he can be ousted. If the Nigeria Senate can do without the Senator Victor Ndoma Egbas,Senator Ita Enangs, Senator George Sekibos, Senator Anyogu Ezes, Senator Smart Adeyemis of these world, then it can obviously do without Senator John Owan Enoh.

What about the Calabar/Ikom Federal highway that has remained a dead trap since God knows when! The Senator's new recruits of praise singers are working hard to exonerate him from the deplorable state of the road. Yet the truth is, himself and his predecessor have no reason whatsoever not to have caused the then Federal Government to work on that road considering the enormous powers that was at their disposal as Chairman, House of Reps Committee on Appropriation and Senate Leader in the last assembly. Even now, what has stopped him from vigorously pursuing the rehabilitation of the road even as the Chairman, Senate Committee on Finance? I am sure as usual, the road must have been traded for other contracts that will only benefit him.

If for good 16 years as a National Assembly member, Senator Owan Enoh does not consider it expedient and necessary to ensure that the Ikom/Calabar Highway is properly rehabilitated in his time as a Senator of the Federal Republic at least to ease the stress of the people he so claims to love and have represented well, then he deserves to be replaced. Somebody else must be given an opportunity to go and try.

To be continued...
Richard Romanus