Saturday, 21 October 2017

My role in the exit and return of the Caterpillar - Asu Okang

Honourable Commissioner for Youth and Sports Development Cross River State Comrade Asu Okang 's speech on the ceremony of the defection of Dr Sandy Onor back to the PDP Family. Protocols,
HE Sen. Prof. Ayade Benedict
Col. Pam Ogar rtd
Dr. Frank Ayade
Rt. Hon. John Gaul Lebo
Barr. Efiok Cobham
Ntufam Edim Inok
Ntufam Ekpo Okon
Ntufam John Okon
Ntufam Dr. Sandy Onor
Hon. Mike Etaba
Colleagues in Exco
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Mr. Chairman, they said I should be brief and I will be brief as possible because I have already been intimidated by the Ntufams on this high table but amidst them, you will always find that little boy who is always holding the basin for hand washing inside and that is role is what I'm playing today. #laughs
Ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long year and yet exciting journey to the realization of this goal of the #bringBackSandy by myself, my brother Chris and a few other.
I can authoritative tell you that by means of God's grace and my brother Chris Njah Mbu-Ogar and others who took that risk at a time when we needed to go against the caterpillar especially in Etung South and Etung LGA in general. Yes he was a caterpillar and he is still that caterpillar in a Etung LGA but those who felt a greater heat where those of us from the Riverian who where in his direct constituency.
Haven't grown up under his tutelage and some degree of mentorship and happen to be his mentee whom he has always said he is proud of, but for the little grammar you find us being able to speak today, we feasted from the wealth of experience of this great man.
You know, there is something about Iruanado- he is from Nsofang ward which is the melting point of Etung South politics out of the four wards along the River.
And then we found that at the time we needed his mentorship and strength because Dr Sandy Onor himself is a man of power, a man of great integrity who has so much of verve, energy and vitality that he is always bringing into his politics so you can't undermine him. And then we heard that Irauando has moved to Labour Party and then one of those days he called me as said
I picked and I said "Sirrrrrrrrr"
and he said, see me in my house tomorrow, and when he dropped the call, I called Chris and said "he has called" and I told Chris he wants me to move with him to Labour party and Chris asked
"What will you do now?",
and I replied,
"the next thing to do is stop picking his calls".
I manage to stay off his coast until he got the message clear that I was not coming with him.
But clearly even when we were on the other side, what we exuded in the party as at the time was a genuine manifestation and a resignation of his mentorship.
Ladies and Gents, it is not a day for long speech because much has been said but I like to say this and say it very clearly. As for those of us who are young people, it is important that you understand and learn your lessons from this whole drama that has ensured here today.
At any point in time, two leaders up there disagree, don't take it too personal as a follower.

It is important that we learn this lesson and learn it clearly because even when Dr Sandy left, I couldn't summon the moral temerity, courage and moral justification to say a thing against him even while he was away, because I knew and understood that I had benefited from his mentorship and tutelage at a time.
Therefore today, I am particularly pleased that Irunando Nsofang, Irunando of Etung and Irunando of Ejagam in CRS is coming back to meet his boys who has been hold the forte for him while he was away.
Welcome back sir!