Wednesday, 11 October 2017

No one begs for Karma to act by Justin Obongha

L- Richard Romanus               R- Justin Obongha
|Justin Obongha|11 October, 2017
I was a major actor in 2015 general elections. Power is not given but it's taken- the case of Sen. Victor Ndoma-Egba and Sen. John Owan Enoh. What happened from start to finish, I was practically and consciously involved. So if you say someone was rubbed, I can boldly argue that because what I saw was a clear revolution of the people not a person.

70% of Central Senatorial District people including your pay masters came out against Sen. Victor with Sen. John as their only choice for a possible replacement reasons best known to them.
There's a saying in the political landscape that "You can't rig elections if you are not on ground" politics is interest and what played out few years ago wasn't out of the cycle of the politics.
Well, you talk of karma but let me give you the inside and the unbiased opinion of the same karma;
1- "If you give a good thing to the world, then over time your karma will be good, and you will receive good "

Sen. John Owan Enoh as a Senator in just 2 years and, has shown capacity and proven to be a blessing to the people of Central Senatorial District just like Sen. Victor was. So karma is not foolish to act against a good man.

2- "I believe in Karma, if the good is sown, the good is collected. When positive things are made, the returns is well "

Sen. John Owan is a good seed and it was properly sown irrespective of the political drama that played on then. Karma is an unbiased abstract that you can't force into wrong actions.
3- "Karma moves in two directional path, if we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness, if we act non-virtuously suffering results.

You can see clearly among Sen. John Owan and Prof. Ben Ayade, the seed that was planted virtuously and non-virtuously. Sen. John Owan has perfectly convinced us that he is a good and productive seed.

4- "Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universes binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creatures-and all things we experience are on creations"
Sen. John Owan can't face the rod of karma because he never voted himself but those who saw him as the most qualified for Senate. Sen. John Owan is a human and life has it that it's better to die trying than die not trying. His Senatorial emergence gave way to Obubra to clinch to the office they were practically clamoring for.

5- "How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours”
I am very sure that your reaction towards a gold fish like Sen. John Owan Enoh is not your doing but your karma. Sen. John Owan is not bothered about your repression because they say "Repression can't stop a hurricane" keep suffering from the punishment of karma and Distinguished Senator John Owan will continue in his goodwill.

Sen. John Owan as then Chairman of appreciation has no power to appropriate monies to an unbudget projects. And can only make inputs during budget presentation which I watched him do then in house of representatives. Sen. John Owan has made inputs in the floor of house concerning the deplorable state of our roads but as corrupt as the then government (PDP), nothing was done.
The issue of our roads is blameable to all especially those at the helm of affairs of the State. After all Sen. Ayade was a Senator, Sen. Victor was a Senator, Sen. Prince Bassey Otu was a Senator and Sen. Liyel Imoke was the sitting governor. These offices came first before House members.
The new federal government that Sen. John Owan is part of is working tirelessly to ensure that our roads are better. Sen. John Owan is just two years as Senator and has performed thus far. Imagine in the future what would be of him.
The people who fought against Sen. Victor were not outsiders but people from our Senatorial District including the Karma author my friend not confused, unpositioned, unfocused and less bearing person from another zone.
Sen. John Owan Enoh contested elections. How he won was elections and how you supported him made him win. He never planned evil against anyone. If they was any evil plans, I’m sure it’s you people who did that just to remove Sen. Victor and you still want to repeat the same evil...... No! The gods are wise and the people are wiser.
karma is not foolish. you can't act or lure karma to wrong actions.