Tuesday, 17 October 2017

President Buhari died in London and was buried in Saudi Arabia, A Nigerian man claims

The ecclesiastical executive and legislatures of Nigeria has lost a pedestrian paedophile,this is another celestial lodge of the soul as buhari passed unto transition to sullen hel,
“I will go to Saudi Arabia to destroy 
 late paedophile buhari’s grave and nothing will happen, late buhari died in London and was buried in saudia Arabia,what we saw on television is not president Muhammadu buhari,his name is ijabiri from Sudan,they coupled him with expensive plastic surgery and brought him back to deceive the myopic ones, Nigeria as a terrorist organization is a lawless state without scientific discovery,what a political ballyhoo? what a political hocus pocus? What a political monkey pox? “-REGARDS BARR PROF.SMITH LIVINGSTONE