Friday, 20 October 2017

Release Ifere Paul or we stampede your government out of shape Social Media Activist warns Ayade

Power is really sweet oh... look at Ayade who they said was a nice man that didn't give a damn about criticism now going all military on critics of his government. I learnt a front-line critic of his administration, Paul Ifere who happens to be a personal friend of mine was abducted early yesterday and whisked away by law enforcement officers for reasons which are still unclear, on the directive of agents of the CRS Govt.

Criticism in all forms is one of the major components of democracy- the governor who is also a lawyer, should know this by now. The governor is surrounded by too many sycophantic aides so I also know that it would be difficult for him to understand why he's being 'criticised' since he's always having his bath in the Jacuzzi of sycophants who endlessly shower him with unnecessary praise. In other words, Governor Ben Ayade is gradually being turned into the Emperor with no cloths by his praise singing aides.

That being said, power comes from God alone- if God says he'll do a second term, he'll do it. So Mr Governor, stop running helter skelter from pillar to post, consulting with this, clamping down on that all in a bid to get re-elected. Focus on improving on your governance which so far has been BELOW AVERAGE! And finally, Ifere Paul must be released before the end of today or a lot of us are going to use the media stampede your government out of shape in the coming days.