Saturday, 14 October 2017

“Securing the north-east & Rebuilding it, will continue to be a priority for us, Buhari Insist

On The World Bank Buhari Order To Develop The North:

Presidency reacts to World Bank claim on Northern Nigeria.

The presidency reacted to the statement by president of the World Bank Jim Yong Kim saying President Muhammadu Buhari requested a concentration of the bank’s intervention efforts in the northern part of Nigeria.

Kim’s state has attracted criticism from many Nigerians accused the president of promoting the interest of the north.

Reacting to this, the presidency in a series of tweets said “Northeast Nigeria has always been a priority for President Buhari right from when he campaigned to be President.”

The Presidency further stated that “From the start of the administration, President Buhari has consistently highlighted the need for Int’l support to secure & rebuild the N/East.
“The north-east has featured prominently in all of the President’s engagements with the International Community.

“Securing the north-east & Rebuilding it, and seeking International support & assistance for this, will continue to be a priority for us.
“We remain grateful for the show of support from the international community, regarding the security & humanitarian situation in the N/East”, the presidency tweeted.
The Special Adviser to the President on Media accused miscreants of twisting the stance of the president.

“ignorant and mischievous people” are making it seem that Buhari’s position was a calculated attempt to give the North an unfair advantage over other parts of Nigeria.
“The truth of the matter is that President Buhari, right from his first week in office in June, 2015, had reached out to the G-7 in Germany that Nigeria needed help to rebuild the North-East, which had been terribly devastated by insurgency.

“He said the country would prefer help in terms of rebuilding of infrastructure, rather than cash donation, which may end up being misappropriated. In concert with Governors of the region, a comprehensive list of needed repairs was sent to the G-7 leaders.

“Also, during a trip to Washington in 2015, and many other engagements that followed, President Buhari sought the help of the World Bank in rebuilding the beleaguered North-East, which was then being wrestled from the stranglehold of a pernicious insurgency."

From the Presidency