Friday, 13 October 2017


About two days ago, I wrote an article I titled'Karma and the alleged re-election bid of Senator John Owan Enoh' where in the said article I posited that come 2019, Senator John Owan Enoh, the Senator representing Central Senatorial District,will suffer the same fate his predecessor suffered in 2015 judging by the the kind of politics that played out just to make him win.

As expected, the article generated a lot of replys and counter replys from the be's and the wanna'be's newly recruited Social media footsoldiers of the distinguished Senator.

Sadly,rather than addressing the issues raised,some went as far as launching a veil attack on my person. I take such attacks in good fate because it only goes to show that the time and intellectual energy spent was not wasted.

 I did promised to come back with the part two of the article and here we go.

The truth of the matter is that, those who know me closely, know that I have never undermined and taken for granted the political prowess of Senator John Owan Enoh. You can take every other thing away from him but you certainly cannot take away the fact that in the business of politics, Senator Owan Enoh obviously knows how the game is played and when to play it. But again, why won't he when he is a product of the Senator Liyel Imoke political School? Very few students of that school are bad politicians, I mean very few.

 However, Senator John Owan Enoh may be a good politician but he is a bad man. May 29th, 2019 will make him 19 good years as a lawmaker having spent four years in the Cross River State House of Assemby, 12 years in the House of Representatives and 4 years as Senator of the Federal Republic. The question is, can Senator Owan Enoh readily point at least two persons he has helped make millionaires or top politicians in his 19 years as a lawmaker? The answer is nobody. For 19 good years, he has played the politics of Self, by self and for self.

 Senator John Owan Enoh belong to the league of politicians who believe that, a boy must continue to remain a boy. The very day he noticed you are becoming too ambitious,smart and intelligent is the very day your relationship with him ends. He wants you to at all times continue to remain at his mercy. Such is the man called, Senator John Owan Enoh. If not, at what point did the likes of Barr Chris Njar, Hon Kingsley Ntui, Mr Egbe Jabengo, Mr Ebam Emanghe etc decide to path ways with him? These are men that work tirelessly for the brand called 'Owan' but while they were busy making him, he was busy amasing wealth for himself and his family.

The owner of Adsuit Hotel,one of the best Hotels in Calabar is owned by a former aide of Ntufam Ekpo Okon, Former PDP State Chairman. The present deputy Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, Hon Joseph Bassey(Papa)and the Chief Whip, Hon Okon Ephraim (Baba)are till date, political sons of Rt Hon Essien Ayi. One of the best Hotels as at today in Ogoja, All Star Hotels is owned by an aide to Senator Victor Ndoma Egba known as Mature etc. It is common knowledge that Senator John Owan Enoh has his Jorany Hotel spread across major cities in Nigeria. Who among his aides have at least a living house in a major city in Nigeria talkless of a Hotel or a major business?

The self centeredness in Senator John Owan Enoh is so much that, none of his legislative aide has access to his letter headed paper for the fear that, they might use it to get mouth watering contracts that might make them independent. The very day you are caught with his letter headed paper,is the very day you are disengage. Agreed that, sometimes such restrictions are necessary but for a man like Senator Owan, it is nothing but the fear of losing his loyalty.

Anybody who is familiar with the relationship that existed between the then Governor, Senator Liyel Imoke and Senator Owan will agree that, it was a relationship any good man who thinks about the well being and progress of others could leverage on but rather than protecting and projecting the people's interest, he protects and project self. No decision stands if it doesn't favour 'Owan'.

Today, the tide has change. Some of the people he thought would remain his boys forever are now bosses. No Governor to kajole to do his bidding. These days,Seven days in a week, 31 days in a month, he is now in Ikom because he is aware of the implication of not doing so. But like it is often said, what goes around comes around. The law of Karma is real. For me, I am sure that the end of Senator Owan Enoh as a legislator is here. Like I said, come 2019, if any other thing doesn't stop him, Nature will stop him. The prayers of those he denied positions, be it elective or appointive for the fear of losing grip of them will stop him.

To be continued.

Richard Romanus