Thursday, 5 October 2017


The death of beloved ones is something that only the grace of God  can bring solace to the bereaved. The pain is often psychologically excruciating mostly when the person is beaming with bright future but snatched by the brawny hand of death at his or her prime. It's always depressing and saddening. Since the death of Joy Odama, a promising undergraduate of Cross River University of Technology, CRUTECH in uncouth and blameworthy circumstances in the hands of an impostor-bloodthirsty philanthropist in the  federal capital, Abuja;  peace hasn't being itself to many folks.  Her demise has lured pool of standing spring on the cheeks of her sympathisers. As days passes by, it hasn't cease raining from their eyes.

Her untimely departure is indeed an irreplaceable loss just like any loss been or yet to be. The grace of God is surely their dependable solace. Since the sojourn of man on earth,  the Maker of the universe hasn't ascribed to any mortal the right of terminating the existence of another human being except in circumstantial times and situations. 'Thou shalt not kill', so teaches the Holy Book.

It's an established fact that Joy was murdered.  Though the coercive apparatus and other  agents of government have done their very best to veil the matter  and pervert the course of justice from having its ways. Can mortal play God? No!  He shall definitely recompense because He's a just God. Vengeance is God's prerogative.

Of recent, I've been very reluctant to bare my mind on this death saga for diverse reasons. Albeit, I've placed it on the beam balance of morality. It has been weighed and analyzed with the best social scale and sampling analyzing device. With religion microscope, it has been zoomed with absolute precision. Conversely,  I'd written a couple of opinions on this sad event sometime ago. The first attempt was a generic piece and the second was addressed to my beautiful lawmaker, Sen. Rose Oko.  In that letter, I was pleading with the policymaker to register the complaint of Joy's death before the Senate to draw national attention to the issue. She did stylishly and convincingly.

As it stance, the remains of Joy has been committed to the mother earth courtesy of Ayade's helping hand. Thank you Mr. Governor.

Stories of death of teenage girls and spinsters are churning out with varied versions in our society nowadays. Yet many are still falling victims. Should I say ignorance or carelessness? I really don't know what to say. If one would apportion blame, parents should be allotted more for their nonchalant and over busybody attitude of putting an eye on their children and wards. Most parents have failed in their responsibility of managing their homes.

Now,  what must they do?  Parents and guardians should understand that no matter how grown, educated and smarter a female child is,  she's the most weakest potential prey to her would-be predator in the similitude of lover;  helper, suitor, friend etc. Though,  I hate to use this demeaning analogy but I can't help than to use it here for emphasis. That female child is likened to chicken that can be flogged, and got its legs broken,  chased out and later lured into the net by few grain of millet. Very pathetic indeed.

Remember Cynthia, the daughter of a Nigerian Army General that was in 2012 lured from from Abuja to Lagos by her supposed facebook lover. She was hypnotized as she drank the drugged juice , chained to the bed,  gang raped and finally strangled to death in a hotel room. As at then,  she was a graduate and doing excellently well in her private business. She wasn't an indigent fellow like... She was born with silver spoon and spoon-fed with golden utensils. In fact, the media painted how she was drenched in affluent.

It's high time we advised the parents that female child shouldn't be unfastened from her parents' apron strings until certain conditions are met such as marriage etc.  Parents and guardians shouldn't let poverty or any unfavorable circumstances conditioned them to be accepting any kind of help (s)  whether directly or in proxy.

They're some parents that even encourages their daughters into prostituting provided penny is dropping into the save. They're are some that lack the moral rectitude of cautioning their children of the type of friends they associate with. God have mercy.

What about the government? Well, government at all levels should pay compulsory bursary and academic grant to students and not wait until someone is dead before spending a whopping sum of N10,000,000 on funeral rite. It's folly and misplacement of priority. Such an act shouldn't be encouraged.

The child is the collective property of the both parents. Not the mother or the father alone. Granting him or her a request should be the collective consent of the parents after due consultation and consideration. If this had ensued, the association between Joy and the said philanthropist would had been severed.

If your child isn't working but schooling, and he or she suddenly comes home with trendy clothes and flashy communication or election devices, you should ask questions and verify the answers given. Don't smile and jump to the high heavens and thanking goodness for favouring your child. In Nigeria, they say nothing goes for nothing. There's always a give and take.

Allowing your child basically female child to sleep or carryout domestic chores in the house of a man for the reward of peanut is greed and perfidy. That's the violation of the promises made to care for the child and train her(him) up in the ways of the Lord.

While we wait for justice to smile at us, we shouldn't indirectly facilitate crime by our deeds and conducts. She wouldn't had met her abrupt end if self and parental discipline is practiced by...

Good night Joy!