Saturday, 21 October 2017

When Ugbamu Politics Meets Kalo-Kalo Governance - by Simeon Utsu

|Simeon Utsu|21st October, 2017 

Governor Ayade of Cross River state has lost the plot politically and governance-wise. His brand of politics is worse than Amala politics of the Adedibu fame. I chose to call Ayade's brand of politics "Ugbamu politics". For those who don't understand Bette dialect, Ugbamu is the worst soup that exists in Obudu. My grandma used to prepare it in the late 80s for my relatives and I either when things were very tough or as a form of punishment. No amount of garnishing with ingredients or stockfish can bring Ugbamu to life. Growing up, we had a dog called "charger" whose favourite meal ironically, was moulded Eba with Ugbamu soup. 

That dog lived for 2 yrs but never grew larger than puppy size and never mastered barking. The highly unproductive, Ugbamu loving unchargeable "charger" of a dog was eventually hijacked by 404 meat merchants in Calabar. That's what Ugbamu politics is all about- unreliability, un-productivity and inevitable defeat.

His brand of governance is a bit similar to the trial and error (kalo-kalo) governance Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has been suffocating Osun people with for the past 6 years. Osun state is the only state where broad daylight stealing of steaming pots of food is very rampant- thanks to Ogbeni's kalo-kalo leadership. Cross River state under Ayade Benedict, is on life support.