Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Ayade's Aide throws a hard Knock at C'River Old Politicians, says learn from Mugabe

|21 November, 2017| Ukorebi Esien

 With the Not- Too -Young - Run slogan gaining ground in the political air space of Nigeria, Mr. Richard Romanus an aide to Cross River State Digital Governor, His Excellency Sen. Prof Ben Ayade has given a bitter pill to  Cross Riverians who have refuse to let go of political office.

Richard who who liken these set of politicians to Robert Mugabi advised them to learn their lessons from the trials of the Zimbabwe President is going through and leave the stage while the ovation is loudest.

'...personally the biggest lessons of them all is the need for a leader to know when to quit the stage while the ovation is still loudest.'

Describing these set of politicians, Mr. Romanus said these set of politicians are known for winning all elections they contest for 'some a record of Five times.'

Mr. Romanus statement Reads in full:


Do you know that President Robert Mugabe was once lauded across the Africa continent as an anti-colonial hero?

Do you also know that Robert Mugabe was even admired by the west as the 'Thinking man guerrilla'?
Do you know that apart from the fact that 93 years old Mugabe has held onto power for so long, his wife Grace 'Gucci' is infact the major cause of his problem?

Though the lessons to draw from President Mugabe imminent ouster when his party 'ZANU PF' formerly begins his impeachment process later today,are enormous but personally the biggest lessons of them all is the need for a leader to know when to quit the stage while the ovation is still loudest.

Even in Cross River state politics, they are a couple of Mugabes. Like President Mugabe, they have contested and won all the elections they have ever set out to contest. Some a record five times!

Unfortunately,like Mugabe, some of them,have deliberately and stubbornly refused to understand that their performance,deceit,lies,tricks as the case may be are on a daily basis becoming non appealing as it was the case 16 years ago hence the need for them to quietly leave the stage with their head still held high up.

President Mugabe blew the last chance he had when he was given the opportunity to honorably resign a few days ago in a nationwide address but to the surprise of many, he seems he rather wants to be disgrace out of power.

I doubt if the Mugabes of Cross river would want to toe the part of President Robert Mugabe. I doubt. They don't contest elections they know won't win. At least that is what they told us.
2019 is decision time!!!

What Mr. Romanus have refuse to disclose is his interest in the political waters of Cross River State. Some are suspecting that Mr. Romanus is fighting for the Soul of Central Cross River State in a bid to liberate it from the firm grip of "the Old" who incidentally hail from the old Ikom enclave of the Central Senatorial district of the state. 

Some have been direct to say that Mr. Romanus may be referring to a National Assembly member representing in his domain. 

This assumption can be deduced from some silent point he made in his statement which can be linked to the honorable member.