Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Betta Edu Pushes for Increased health information in C'river Communities

| 29 November, 2017 |Corespondent 
The Social mobilization technical committee for the State on Health issues visited Director General of Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency last weekend to strengthen collaboration on issues concerning Health generally.

Speaking, Director General of Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Betta Edu said " we will continue to give health talk, on radio on TV, at villages and everywhere through every medium we can till our people stop dying because they are misinformed" remember when Ebola came most of our people in the rural communities drank salt water in excess and died because of misinformation. Our women use earth to dress the babies umbilical cord (navel) and give the children tetanus that have led to death, our people use treated mosquito net for farming that could cause cancer and food poisoning, too many examples. If we don't send the right health information to our rural areas we are setting them up for death!

She commended the creation of the committee noting that the existence of the technical committee will go along way to cover gaps in LGAs as she commended the group for going into the communities to talk with health workers and the communities on health matters.

She said the Agency have been working tirelessly to addressed this anomalies especially at rural areas and actions have been taken in Odukpani, Boki and Obudu to change attitude of health workers who don't treat their clients well.

Dr Edu assured them that issues of attitude and extortion of money is been dealt with. According to her many head of facilities have fall victims and they have been replace with new persons after facing the board for sanctions.

She said they was need to put in more information to the communities as our women need to stop delivering at homes or with traditional birth attendants and churches to save lives of mothers and the child as skilled birth attendants are not in this places.
She noted that immunization is free and safe. there is nothing like killer or monkey pox vaccines.

"Our women should go out with their kids in December during the Maternal Newborn and Child Health Week 2nd Round to take immunization and get vaccinated so we don't go back on our gains as this information will go along way to help improve healthcare in communities. She charge the committee to push this message.

Director of Information, Cross River State State Ministry of Information, Mrs Eba Paulyne said the DG Primary healthcare is seen as the arrowhead in this vision and commitment to enforcing the healthy wellbeing of the people that Government desires for its citizen.

She said they are committee of major stakeholders from different MDAs enforcing healthcare and wellbeing of Cross Riverians through information dissemination.

Also speaking, Director NOA, Mrs Florence Osang said over time they have been complains about attitude of health workers, their commitment to work and extra charges levied against patients in services that are supposed to be rendered free and this has been a major set back for people in the rural committees hoping to make use of the facilities. She call on the Agency to address this issues and take necessary actions on it.

Present at the meeting were, Mrs Agnes Ogogo State Social Mob, Mrs Grace Utiung and Mrs Regina Adie from the Agency. The visitors had CMO RUTWASSA, Mrs Ikwa Umet Edom, Mrs Aleka Theresa from SMOH, Paul Agwu and Achombi Ntui from National Population Council and CRBC respectively in attendant.