Friday, 24 November 2017


| 24th November, 2017 | Richard Romanus

Over the last five months,those who have been following my comments and activities on this platform would agree with me that I have been at the forefront of those calling for the replacement of the Senator representing the Central Senatorial District, Senator John Owan Enoh.

Quite frankly,my position is not born out of malice or hate as currently being misconstrued by even the people I thought should know better, it is rather hinged on the need to give other LGAs a sense of belonging as well as create room for other capable sons and daughters of the Senatorial District to go and do their part. Senator Liyel Imoke did his, Senator Mathew Mbu Jnr did his, Senator Victor Ndoma Egba did his and Senator John Owan Enoh has also tried his best. Methinks it is not a bad idea calling for another person to go and try.

Again, for the purpose of clarifications, I like to state very clearly that only one person is to be held responsible to whatever I say or do here and that person is ME. I make this clarification because both publicly and privately I have been accused of being sponsored by even the people i still long to meet till date. But this does not stop anybody from saying and believing whatsoever he or she deems fit. Afterall,like they say 'Na dem get their mouth'.

I have taken particular interest in the race for Central Senatorial District seat because, beyond the fact that it is my immediate Senatorial District, it is one election the People's Democratic Party (PDP) and its leaders,most especially the immediate past Governor of Cross River State, Senator Liyel Imoke cannot afford to loss to the APC.
It is an election that, the Pastor Usanis, Barr Oblas, Senator Victors and Senator Owans of this world cannot afford to loss else they loss their prestige,honour,value and importance not just to their party but the people.

Let it be known to the leadership of the PDP that, Pastor Usani must proof to his party that he merited his ministerial position,  Senator Victor Ndoma Egba must proof  that his popularity amongst the people he represented at the red chamber for good 12 years is still intact and his subsequent  appointment as Chairman,board of NDDC was well deserved, it must also know that the Special Assistant to the President of Prosecution, Barr Okoi Obono Obla must proof that he is not a paper weight politician who knows nothing else other than granting press interviews as widely believed and finally,the incumbent Senator must proof to his newly found party the APC that his over 18years as a lawmaker is as a result of his influence and popularity in the politics of the Senatorial District,hence the need for the PDP to thread with caution in choosing it's flag bearer.

The party must ensure that whoever flies the party's ticket is a person with proven track records of service either as a public or private person. He must be a person with strong grassroot appeal who knows the yearnings and aspirations of the people.

In a Senatorial district where communal clashes seems to be a reoccurring decimal, the party's candidate must be one whose name has never be attached to sponsoring wars or sowing seeds of discord in any local government or community in the Senatorial District.

The party's candidate must be one who is financially, emotionally and physically prepared to go into an election of such magnitude as the forthcoming elections will be the first elections the Party will be going into as an opposition party.

The party must avoid tendencies capable of shortchanging the will of a majority of party faithfuls. Everybody seeking for the party's ticket must be given a level playing field to pursue their aspiration. It must say NO to reckless impunity and imposition of candidate.

Finally and most importantly, the party' Senatorial ticket must be use in addressing the age long marginalization of some areas while also taking into consideration the personality with the capacity to win in the present circumstance. Personally,i feel they is no better time to reward the people for their steadfastness and commitment to the party than now. It is the time to give them a sense of belonging in the affairs of the State. A time to reintegrate them in the political orbit of the State.

The truth is, winning or losing the Senatorial district in the forthcoming elections depends solely on the party and its choice of candidate but I believe strongly that Senator Liyel Imoke would once again proof his political wizardry as was the case in 2015 being the leader of the party in the district.