Wednesday, 15 November 2017

CLICE : NGO calls for application for over 50% counterpart funding for oil palm processing equipment, etc

Efio-Ita Nyok|8 November 2017 

Comfort Literacy Intervention and Capacity Enhancement (CLICE) Foundation in collaboration with Market Development Programme in the Niger Delta (MADE) will be facilitating the securing of a technology adoption fund in oil processing as an over 50% counterpart funding in respect of commercial oil processing, milling and equipment intervention for prospective millers or investors in Cross River and Akwa-Ibom States, NegroidHaven has garnered. CLICE is therefore calling for applications from interested millers and investors to access the the fund. 

CLICE representative has observed that they 'will be receiving a technology (oil processing/milling equipment) adoption grant of more 50% for commercial oil palm processors and investors in oil processing in Cross River State as an intervention fund for prospective millers or investors in Cross River State and Akwa-Ibom State'. 

The technology adoption grant is a DFID-funded project aimed at maintaining the drive towards sustainable livelihood for our people. It's an intervention fund for an improved oil processing available for existing oil millers and investors at commercial scale not subsistence. 

According to CLICE, the cost of the equipment is between N700,000 and N750,000. The information stresses that beneficiaries are expected to pay up the instalment to the fabricator while we pay up the balance in two forms, namely, 
N350,000 to the fabricator and N100,000 to beneficiaries to cover for the cost of installation and transportation from the point of fabrication to the oil miller's location as well as organise a demonstration to a cluster of 150 person's installation of the equipment. 

MADE’s intervention in the Palm Oil value chain seeks to contribute to an increase in productivity of smallholders by
—promoting the adoption of best practices; 
—Improving oil palm harvesting and processing efficiency. 

MADE will support prospective millers or investors with up to N450,000 to purchase the improved palm oil processing machine (Small Scale Processing Equipment) which comprises of steriliser, digester screw press and clarifier. 

Interested applicants should send an email to CLICE Foundation via or contact +2347031658559 for more details.