Thursday, 30 November 2017

I work in Abundance with nothing to show, my salary is being slashed monthly, Ayade's Cleaner laments

| 30 November, 2017 | Ukorebi Esien 

Following a post  by one Elvis Ndum as shared by Justin Obongha, Media aide to sen. Owan Enoh, there are strong indications that junior staff mostly cleaners, messengers, drivers etc in the  Cross River State Governor's office are beign treated inhumanly, unjustly with a high level of disdain. TDN can report.

According to the post authoured by one Samule Egom who claims to be a cleaner in The Governor's office assigned to work directly under office of the chief of statff, Workers in his cadare are beign owed backloads of salaries, in most cases they suffer unofficial decuctions  of their salaries, as well as delay in payment spannng upto 4 months.

The post which has already generated many comments and reactions on facebook, reads in full:  

'My name is Samuel Egom.  I am an indigene of Adim Biase LGA. Am a cleaner attached to Governor's Office Calabar. 

My sole aim of writing this piece is to seek for solutions and wish Cross Riverians and our dear Digital Governor to please come to our immediate aid.
It will interest you to know that I've been amongst the cleaning staff of the Governors office close to 3yrs now...

 Mentioning to people that I work in Governors office is like working in abundance of course that seems to be true but the reality on ground states otherwise. 
Fellow cross Riverians it is a sad tale to note that even when you're working in the mixed of abundance we still don't get paid.

Painful of all of these is that even the moneys we are paid are slashed to nearly 10% of our supposed monthly pay and it comes most times 4-6months of our last pay. 

In most cases we hear the moneys have been released and it is evidence that some persons are paid but those of us under the Office of the Chief of staff are left to wonder what our fate is. Please we're pleading with Cross Riverians to help us plead with the people in Government house to please pay us our wages.. It is from these wages we pay our Tfairs to and fro work, feed and attend to our needs and in most cases pay our rents and bills.
Thanks and God. Forwarded as Received.'

Below are screenshots of Elvis post:

NOTE : This pathetic account was also written and forward to a Calabar based Journalist by a purported cleaner in Governor's office. The name of the author was deliberately edited out to protect the source from possible victimization. The report is however the opinion of the writer and that of reporter.