Monday, 20 November 2017

Leadership the Prime Issue In Cross River State and Nigeria at Large by Ekpenyong Ambo

Leadership is a prime issue in our times and the need for responsive and responsible leadership cannot be overemphasized.

Leadership is expected to give direction, which is why it is important to ensure that those who come into leadership are those who know the direction to go.

An ignorant leadership would ultimately spell doom for the whole State/Country because when the blind lead the blind, they all will end up in the ditch.

It is therefore important to note that leadership is about visions and destinies. So many lives are tied to the need for governance to succeed, especially for those in private practice, those who cannot be employed by governments or their agencies and have taken up their destinies in their own hands. 
Todays Youths have a vision, a yearning for success, a buoyant practice, stress-free living that enables them to fufill their God-given destinies. Every Youth have hopes, very high ones at that, to handover a legacy to their own of springs, a legacy of sound education, positive societal values, and success in diverse profession is esteemed to make their dreams come true. 

As De-Mandate Advocate Group, YouthtakeoverCrossRiverState and National Youth Liberation Forum(NYLF), therefore arrives at another pedestal of searching, mandating and advocating for new era of leadership in Cross River State and Nigerian at large. We wish to encourage out members and all interested People to bring in persons of value and vision who would help in furthering its Aims and Objectives.

We wish to encourage our intending leadership to possess courage, without which no meaningful progress will be achieved.
Now, more than ever, the Youth needs courageous leaders. We need leaders who can confront evil practices, those who can set right deviant professionals, leaders who can stand against sharp practices and leaders who would look you in the face and tell you the truth. Righteousness is said to exalt a nation while sinful living is quick to pull it down. It is uprightness that will make this State and Country remain upstanding, and that our leadership must pursue.

long live YouthTakeOver 2019
Long live NYLF
Long live De-Mandate Advocate
Long live Cross River State
Long live Nigeria

 Ekpenyong Ambo 
is Director General, De-Mandate Advocate