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Revealed: Why APC Chieftain recieved award in beer palor

|24 November, 2017 | Ukorebi Esien

Shortly after TDN made a publication of how an APC Chieftain Dr. Owa Ebgara esq. was honored with an award of excellence in a local beer joint by the SUG president of Cross River State College of Education, Comr. Awatt, more revelations have emerged on why he was awarded in a beer joint. 

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According to a close source who is abreast with the events that kicked started the honoring of Dr Owa,  the Dr. was not originally in the list of lecturers and other dignitaries honored by the Union in a well organised and attended event hosted by the Union. 

But after the event, it was revealed that Owa called the SUG  president to his office and questioned why he was not among those honored, he then ordered possibly with threats that an award be presented to him with immediate effect. 

That was how comr. Awatt the SUG president ran back to the printer to prepare a single award for the revered and feared lecturer. When he called Dr. Owa that he was done with his award he asked him to meet him in his usual beer joint. 

Another source close to the Dr disclosed that the Dr is actual a drinking Dr who does not joke '33'. Infact he uses it to cool down his stress after a hard day's work of impacting knowledge to his students. 

In the opinion of TDN, it may not be wrong for Dr. Owa to remind the SUG president that he deserves an award given to the fact Dr Owa is said to be one of the best hands the school has, and it is not also wrong to receive the award in a beer joint maybe due to proximity as at when the student called.

But where my guy man fall hands na to stay for that same place snap de pishure den come upload am put for to social media. 

Haba docky u fall hands big time. At least you for reach house first or even for your office before you take your pishure do all your possing and upload. 

Anywhere sha, next time you go learn!

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