Thursday, 30 November 2017

The many true lies of the APC Government

|29 November, 2017 | corespondent

One will always wonder what's true in a lie. This mystery is what we at GenerationX wish to unravel about the Government at the center using Cross River State as a case study.

It could be recalled that during the campaigns to dislodge the People Democratic Party (PDP) government led by His Excellency Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, we could clearly receive accurately through all campaign arsenals of the APC that power supply will be uninterrupted if voted into power and with this long awaited miracle, Cross Riverians and Nigerians at large had to accept the result of the 2015 elections even though with mixed feeling all with the hope that these promises will come to a manifestation if not in totality because of the rot left by the PDP government (as speculated by APC campaign) theirs will be a paradigm shift.

Its more worrysome that with the expectation of the masses being dashed by the non fulfillment of this campaign promise, the present government have also used the machinery of power supply to extort Nigerians. This is in the area of playing blind to the pains of the masses.

One will wonder why an agency of government can't respect constituted structure of government. It's fool hardy to believe that Power Holding will refuse to take the directives from the federal government body which supervises its operations. It's no longer news that the Minister of Power had directed that prepaid meters be distributed to consumers and that consumers should refuse payment of bills on the analog cum estimated billing system. This stated facts are yet to see the light of the day in Cross River State but the only new feature which is trending is very high bills which is unimaginable.

One will agree that consumers stay for weeks without power supply but at the end of the month get neck breaking bills ranging from #15,000 up. One wonders when households consume such power.

We in GenerationX advocate that people be governed in the right manner. Tax payers deserve the benefits of their taxes. Please let's jointly ask Power Holding especially in Cross River State to distribute prepaid meters to consumers and stop giving them out to those who can bribe them. Let's also advice the APC government at the center to remember that there is no truth in lies. Lies is Lies. We deserve good governance and that's our desire. We can make it together.