Thursday, 9 November 2017

We will Miss Ayade - by Victor Adaha (Mr. Apolitical)

|Victor Adaha |10 November, 2017

History has shown me that in most cases, it is only after a leader is gone that he is appreciated especially in Nigeria. From antecedence, Jonathan was not seen to have done anything until he left office, and now in some quarters arguably GEJ is being celebrated. Cross River state is no exception, as in time past that has been the case as well, where HE Liyel Imoke was called the slow governor, go slow, some even called him the sleeping governor.

 But all that has become a thing of the past, as he is celebrated now as a governor who performed, he came up with rural development, which was quite different from the urban beautification the state was used to in the previous eight years reign of HE Donald Duke, and tourism which were the main stay of the state prior to Liyel’s advent. Liyel’s agenda was not popular among the people, he was widely criticized until the people came in terms with his mantra of governance, not until then, he became accepted and was even given a second chance in office.

Same I can tell, would happen in the case of HE Benedict Ayade, he is widely criticized by almost all and sundry, coupled with the fact that the state now has a strong opposition which has never being the case before now. Ayade’s style of governance is quite unique and distinct, although it has its own floors but I can tell you from experience it is not the worst so far as it can only get better.

Donald Duke was known for urban development and tourism, Liyel was likewise known for rural development, while Benedict Ayade stands for empowerment of youth and industrialization of the state. Although his mantra and agenda has not been popular with the people, but I can authoritatively say that he would be the most remembered governor of all ages. Don’t agree with me yet until his tenure is due and there is a change in governance. My conclusion is formed based on the following premises.

Firstly, he has been able to employ over three thousand young and old people off the street, he has engaged them in meaningful ventures, he has incorporated them into governance, so while he works toward industrializing the state with his mega projects like the rice factory and garment factory amidst others. There has been gainful employment that means taking people off the street. This singular action is multi facet, as it has reduced greatly the amount of money left at the center for any government official to embezzle, so with that, corruption fight is at its peak, some leaders only talk corruption but Ayade can be seen as” walking corruption”, by that I mean he is actually fighting against corruption. His singular action has also been seen to be integrating youths in governance, Cross River State has never had more youths in governance like we do in recent time, from commissioners, to SA’s to committee chairpersons, head of agencies and the likes, Cross River State has never had it this good in time past.

Secondly, since we lost our oil wells to our sister state, our allocation as a state has drastically dwindled, meanwhile salaries have instead increased, the cost of governance world over has also increased, creating a serious financial deficit. Our once oil rich Bakkasi has been ceded to Cameroon leaving us with nothing, and hence taking us back to the old times before the advent of crude oil. This has hence formed part reasons why I perceive this administration has resulted to “agricultural industrialization”. In no time, we would join other states in rice production, we would lead the league of garment industry frontiers in the country, these and perhaps more among other industrial projects.

 Making an industrial state out of our civil service state, is the next best thing that would happen to our state, as it would further create the following

   Job creation, it would create thousands of jobs opportunity if not millions for the teeming youths of our dear state. Every year thousands of youths are graduated from higher institutions, if there is no job commensurable to the number of graduates, unemployment rate would increase, insecurity would become the order of the day putting lives and properties at risk. Even the state would turn into criminals’ den.

  Buildup of revenue, it would also build up the state’s internal revenue, from taxation system of both the industries and the workers.

 With these points so listed above, it is evident that an industrialized state is what we need at this point in time. Which Ayade’s administration has so focus on.

On my reasons why, he would be voted the best governor the state had ever had. I might not be taken serious now, this could be discarded on the bases that what is before us does not connote such happenings. But time would tell.

 The next administration after Ayade’s administration, would not want to spend over hundreds of million naira paying appointees salaries on monthly bases. Which would hence send over three thousand appointees off work, and back to the street, for those who have nothing to fall back to. As the Buhari led federal government would say “corruption fights back”, but in this case ex-appointees would fight back, creating a large enemy zone of thousands of people, with hate speeches and diatribes all around. This would make the succeeding government unpopular.

  Also, since people are dogmatic to known ways of life, (as evident in the article buildup) when the succeeding administration comes up with their own alien mantra, then the people would cry and request to go back to “Egypt”, because at least there they were guaranteed of job via the industrialization agenda. And the praise singing of Ayade would be at highest then.

 In recent time, I have seen and had praise singers sing the praises of HE Liyel, and I just ask myself, were they not same set of persons criticizing and condemning him and his administration back then. Which reminds me of a song tagged “you gona miss me when am gone”.

 The writer is an apolitical columnist and analyst void of primirdial sentiments.

Victor Adaha
Mr apolitical