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Again Asu Okang trends on Facebook

Asu Okang at the wedding Ceremony 
| 12 December, 2017| Ukorebi Esien

Comrade Asu Okang, Commissioner of Youth and Sports development, Cross River State is again trending on social media, this time around for the right reason. 

Asu Okang who first trended on facebook some time in May this year, when he was accused of ordering some uniform men to open fire at protesting students who were demanding for the 10 million Naira given to them by the governor of cross river state and sen. Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state during the 50th Anniversary celebration of Cross River State. 

Again Okang found himself in the fingers of all and sundry who had time to type on  the keypad of their devices when he addressed a cross session of UNICAL students during their students' week celebration. Okang was alleged to have said he "he is not against cultism" during his address. 

This actually came at a time when the state was seriously battling with the menace of cultism, insecurity as well as gangsters and communal clashes. 

That particular statement made commissioner Asu Okang to trend for weeks as several online platforms carried the story with different dimensions to it. 

Just this weekend the young energetic youthful and youth commissioner again found his name on the lips of social media users as they discussed and trended him on facebook and other platforms. This time, it was not because he was throwing his weight behind cultism neither was it because students were brutally maltreated at his order, nor any of those ills associated with government officials but he was being praised and celebrated for good deed done.

Saturday, 9th December, was the date set aside for the PDP national convention in Abuja and coincidentally, that was the same day one of the commissioner's aide Ekeng (Andrea) Inyang took his heartthrob to the altar and our youth commissioner choose to honor his Protocol officer denying the luxury, and all the entitlements of being present at his party's national convention. In fact he forwent the alleged "US dollars" that flew about from the oil rich state of Rivers. 

Not just did the caring and fatherly commissioner let go the cash and other largesse, Hon. Okang  was supposed to be in that Convention particularly because of the importance of the Convention, if not for him, but, for his principal with 2019 in focus;

Besides, Okang would have been in the Convention, at least, for establishing connection for himself but but he sacrificed all that for his boy. What  more can he master do for his subordinate?

It was also said that the Commissioner had some time in this year, demonstrated such a show of love and bond with his staff/aides during the much-talked-about NorthFest 2017 event celebrated by the Cross River state government in Ogoja
. It also happened that Hon. Okang's aide/ally Prince Agbor Onyi was getting married too. He sacrificed the fun and put his expected demonstration of loyalty to his principal Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade on the line for an aide. Stories has it that commissioner Okang did not attend the NorthFest event until late in the night when he was done attending the Wedding ceremony of the said aide.

this singular act by Commissioner Asu Okang has indeed endeared him to so many hearts even those who had initially written him off because of the negative publicity the press had carried about him had to change their perception about his person thus commending him for such great show of love, loyal and sacrifice to his staff.

This was actually brought to the fore by The Hon. commissioner's No.1 critic, Efio-Ita Nyok of negroidhaven.org Nyok post had generated so much likes and comments thus making the commissioner trend for days on Facebook.

Below is Efio-Ita's post on facebook and some of the comments it generated:

I Celebrate the Leadership Asu Okang Demonstrated today!

Today, 9th December 2017 witnessed the Wedding of Mr Andrea Inyang to his heartthrob Mrs Stormrex DiwaCongratulations to the duo;
Incidentally, today is also the Elective National Convention of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), where I understand that, the Honourable Commissioner for Youths and Sports Development in Cross River State should be a delegate;
Hon #Okang was supposed to be in that Convention particularly because of the importance of the Convention, if not for him, but, for his principal with 2019 in focus;
Besides, Okang would have been in the Convention, at least, for establishing connection for himself;
Again, if the report by Sahara Reporters that fleece to the tune of $5000 to $10, 000 have exchanged hands, Okang ignored this largesse just to attend the Wedding ceremony of his Protocol Officer Mr #Andrea in Calabar;
I understand that Okang did a similar feat during the NorthFest 2017 event at Ogoja when Prince Agbor Onyi was getting married too. He sacrificed the fun and put his expected demonstration of loyalty to his principal Ayade Benedicton the line for an aide;
He could have as well, like others, doled out money to his staff and board the next flight to Abuja... But, he decided otherwise. Ladies and gentlemen, this is character —it's unparalleled!
Despite his obvious shortcomings, I think, this is leadership beyond lip service but bold in action, which is what I celebrate.
Congratulations Andrea for having a boss like this!
Okang just won my critical mind. But, anyways, I will still criticise him tomorrow if him no do well.
Finally and in a lighter mode, Betta Edu should follow in the foot step of Okang and marry for Prince Charles Ekanem IV a wife. Also, Inyang Asibong do a similar thing for Anokwuru Utchay Alexis, this one is overdue for marriage. Again, Gershom Bassey should do a similar thing for Coco-bassey Esu. Make una no vex, but, na true I talk ooooo.

The above post from Mr. Nyok provoked several comments and  prominent among such comments are those of :

Good Job @ Asu Okang.
Permit me to add to your portfolio, Couple and Purpose fulfilment!
Congratulations Andrea Inyang.
#Nji/Oriflame uploading

Firsts Baba Isa Very impressive indeed. My love for Asu Okang just went up a notch higher because of this.

Gifted Nelson This singular gesture indeed is mind blowing.

Well done honorable Commissioner.

Akiba Ekpenyong Asu Okang na you b dis? That's life. The little things you do counts. Sacrificing for a son is the only thing. Have seen people from all political divides saying good about your action. Keep the flag flying. God b with you.

Koko Bassey Hon. Asu Okang proved himself beyond doubt from the church to the reception... I wished you saw him dance and listened to his short powerful speech.. Every other appointee should learn from him.

Richie Romanus Indeed. Asu won my heart by this singular gesture. He calls himself Commissioner for boys and girls and that he has clearly exemplified.

Samuel Ekanem He has made a great turn around. He should sustain it. May God bless and reward his humility.

Kennedy Nsan Great guy! This is what it means to be great. A lot of people now misunderstand what it means to be great. Some think its when you have money, or when you're a big man, or occupy a high office. That's not what it means to be great! You can be in power, occupy high office, have plenty of money and still not be great. And many of our young people now misunderstand this concept of greatness and try to paint a different picture of what it means to be great! Some like the guy above even make mince meat of acts of greatness and accord no attention or respect to noble acts. Little wonder our society is the way it has turned out. A great person is someone who ignores the pleasures of his office and status in society like Comr. Asu Okang just did to attend to little things that matter to other people, especially those who cannot repay him for his good deeds, or someone who embarks on noteworthy causes that are at risk to his personal life and safety; examples in history are Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jnr., Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, and many other African nationalists who put their lives on the line to fight the colonialist. Today, many of us misrepresent and clearly misunderstand what it means to be great and called charlatans and moneybags great people. Less I forget, Betta Edu is also a great woman, she usually leaves her comfort zone to attend to the needs of the poor, destitute, and the sick amongst us. That's precisely what it means to be great. Comr. Asu Okang is a great guy by these acts of commitments to his subordinates! And lastly, Efio-Ita Nyok aka Nyokism is also a great guy, because he puts his life and personal safety on the line when he criticises politicians for their poor performance. You never can tell what a man can do when you disparage and malign his reputation. So, that qualifies and puts in him in the rank of great people the world must take note of. I hope I made sense with my lecture on 'what it means to be great'?

Indeed Hon. Asu Okang has earned himself a name and a reputation. 
Wow what a way to have ended a Media stressful year!

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