Sunday, 31 December 2017

Calabar wears new looks 24 hours after Carnival

|29th December, 2017| Ukorebi Esien

Calabar, the Capital of Cross River State and the First Capital of Nigeria was said to be the cleanest city in Nigeria during the Donald Duke's  Era. Subsequently, his predecessor Sen. Liyel Imoke struggled to live up to expectations and got hold of the magic wand during the later part of his administration.

One of the most difficult days to keep the city clean, is the Carnival day. Ability to keep Calabar clean on carnival days was one of those things which made DD the don of Carnival and master of Tourism. His strategies were well thought out and executed with finesse.

In his days, Donald Duke made sure CUDA workers also had a their own band as the last band, CUDA was responsible to clean up the streets as the bands took their turns to parade the streets.

The 2017 Carnival is the third carnival the present administration led by Prof. Sen. Ben Ayade, Digital governor of Cross River state has conducted, each has always been characterized with untold dirt. Leaving the state capital in a state of pitiable dismal.

What more will you expect from a governor who has been struggling with the sanitary condition of the state for more than two years now since he got into office.

Below are pictures emerging 24 hours after the 2017 Carnival Calabar and Festivals.