Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Does Senator Professor Ben Ayade deserve a second term? by Ambo Ekpenyong

Sen. Ben Ayade 

5th December, 2017| Ambo Ekpenyong

Does Senator Professor Ben Ayade deserve a second term? By Ekpenyong Ambo (Director General, De-Mandate Advocate Group, Co-Coordinator, Nigeria's Future Leaders Movement(NiFLeM)).

It is said that one good turn deserves another. Does Governor Ben Ayade deserve a second term in office? Has he performed well to deserve another term?

These questions have palpitated in my head effectuating mixed feelings. The reason is that H. E. Sen.Prof. Ben Ayade if weighed on the scale of some expected deliverable such as security (fighting cult clashes, communal disagreements and bordering struggles) and developmental strides ; I would say he has performed five points on average. But if examined on the slab of economy, health, policy, state cohesion, impartiality, rule of law and fairness, I would say he has flunked the essential test of governance.

Initially, I was one of those who rationalised every of H. E. Ben Ayade administrative faux-pas, but I had to let my conscience find rest. Governor Ben Ayade has disappointed many of his non-fanatical admirers and supporters. He has disappointed me.

Governor Ben Ayade – made appetising promises to Crossriverians in the build-up to the 2015 Gubernatorial election, but none has been fulfilled. I stand to be challenged on this.
I do not want to sound malevolent in this article, but the Ayade government infected a relatively healthy economy with policy-epilepsy. That said; let me briefly examine just four of Ayade’s 2015 campaign promises.

On health, he promised to “ensure that no Crossriverian will have a reason to go outside of the State for medical treatment”.

Has this promised been fulfilled? Are there signs that it will be fulfilled in the next one year in the life of this administration?

On employment, the Governor promised to “target the creation of millions of new jobs a year through industrialisation, public work and agricultural expansion”.

Sadly, instead creating millions of jobs, the Ayade's government has thrown millions of Crossriverians into the job market.

On housing, the governor promised to “create a mortgage market by reforming land ownership to give ordinary Crossriverians easy access to title deeds”. This has not been achieved.

On electricity, it was promised that “the government shall vigorously pursue the expansion of electricity generation and distribution”. Our electricity generation currently oscillates between hussling and Bill inflation without adequate power supply.

I have chosen to state just four seducing and lofty promises the Governor made during the 2015 Gubernatorial election campaign.

So, the question is, does Ayade deserve a second term in office? I cannot answer this question for Crossriverians, but I have my answer.

Don't forget the general nature of Cross River State we knew and the Cross River State of today.... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm... Let's evaluate with clear conscience and think of the decisions ahead.

Long Live Cross River State
Long Live De-Mandate Advocate Group
Long Live NiFLeM Cross River State.