Wednesday, 6 December 2017

We all Find Love in Strange Places: How CRUTECH graduate found spouse in Lagos NYSC camp

Glorissa and Francis (Photo Credit: Wizbros Studio)
|6th December, 2017| Ukorebi Esien 

Destiny they say may be delayed but not denied, this was the case of this beautiful damsel, a graduate of Mass Communication Cross River University of Technology, Miss Glorissa Riri Peters. 

Her love story is so intriguing and interesting, she found love in a strange land where her heart had always being.  As a teenager Glorissa fell in love with Lagos not knowing that Lagos held love for her. 

Finally, Glorissa Stubbornly found her way to the land of her calling, there she found her brother called Love, at that point she was very single and he was very ready mingle. Today they are flying to the alter.

Hear her story: 

 For Whatever reason I always wanted to go to Lagos even before I wrote my SSCE but daddy wouldn't have that 'cause he didn't want his ever little baby out of his sight (smh). Then came my desire to school in UNILAG, he said "No" and then NYSC in 2011, I still got a "no" so I was born in Calabar, schooled in Calabar and now I'm to do my National youth service in Calabar? Hmmmm I too had to say no to Dad for the very first time. The man incharge of the posting asked if I had been to Lag before, if I had any friend I wanted to live with, if I had a bf there all I had as answers were "no" then I moved to Lagos and right there in camp I knew my stay wasn't going to be as easy as I thought.

If you know me, you'll know how calm and fragile I am oh, let me correct that, how calm and fragile I used to be. lol so Lagos definitely was too stressful for me, with all the traffic and over populated places, huh! It continued this way till a mutual friend Victor Ndifon introduced me to my brother Francis Ushie . It was just few months to POP and Lagos became interesting as Frank ensured that I left my prison yard almost every weekend.

 One day he came visiting and I gave him my photo album (yes, I used to love pictures) and while we watched together, we discovered we actually took pictures together in camp without knowing? OMG! we were even in the same CDS group! We got talking and found out again that we grew up together in the same neighbourhood as kids and played together! so my brother and I became so close, life in Lagos became bearable hehehehehe. 

I was very single and he was very ready to mingle so we decided to give love a chance. I introduced him to mum and she was like "he's your brother o" brother k, na you born am? Lol. 5 years later, im marrying my NYSC PACKAGE  We both left Calabar to a strange land and love found us! 

Join Glorissa as Francis flies her to the Alter of Love on Saturday, 16th December, 2017 
Church of Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Calabar, 10:am
Reception: Mike Igini Hall, INEC headquarters, Calabar.
They found love in a strange land 
God bless their home