Wednesday, 20 December 2017

What is The Matter With John Owan Enoh By Victor E. Egba.

|20th December, 2017| Victor E. Egba

I have come to the calm conclusion, that John Owan Enoh, Newly named John-Win, is upsetting the political History of Cross River State. I'm particularly interested in his ability to carry the seemingly forgotten, the common man, those who are presumably not suited to roar in the corridors of power, are now having 'the corridors of power' come to their homes.

How do you explain a Senator of the Federal Republic, who visits chiefs in their homes, who attend burial ceremonies of his constituents whose names have no suffix of Dr, chief, Barr, ad infinitum. How do we explain how the Chairman house committee on Finance, with lots of official commitment still finds time to spend with his constituents, when some Councilors, and appointees of a failed government are languishing in beer parlours and clubs in calabar, and others inundate us with pictures of wedding ceremonies, sit outs and all not worth. 

How does he despite being so needed in the national politics, still undergo the stress of leaving Abuja, and traveling over 12hrs to Ikom or Calabar, to meet with his people, hear their pleas no matter how many, solve their problems and still carry on with great humility.

When a host of our politicians are demi gods, Owan reminds the people that he is a servant, and they have a right to call him home anytime. When many don't take calls, Owan sees replying the peoples messages with the highest sense of responsibility.

Owan places premium importance on his task and sees it as a Divine mandate. Owan knows that his duty is to pursue the betterment of the lives of those who have sent him, Owan stretches himself to the limit, and still feels obligated to the people. His concern is not a political strategy, or an act of hypocrisy, anyone who knows Owan, knows that his concern is rendering service.

Little wonder he has continued to soar in the eyes of the people, those given to corruption, looting of our public Treasury, existing on digital billboards and running a family government are scared that the people will not look at cheap sentiments in 2019. The people know that the mistakes of 2015 can not be returned, every Cross Riverian is guiding their votes like the spartan Soldiers, careful not to lose it to a purposeless government.

They are tired of having a Co Governor, who wields more power than elected officials, of privy individuals who are busy annexing Government lands, and enriching some few individuals with our state funds. Who since three years ago, only invited the Acting president to Commission an advanced tailoring shop, whose ownership is a hoax.

They are now aware of the Super highway Scam, they have not forgotten the lost of the tourism potentials in the state, the poor management of Cross river Water board, the increase state of Kidnaps, armed robbery, cultism, insecurity, the terrible state of roads in Calabar metropolitan area, or the death traps on our highways.

The tale of bad news is endless.
As we mourn our political misfortune, we can only pray that Men Like John Owan Enoh, Continue to see the need to act with impending necessity, and all Cross Riverians see beyond the comfort of their homes the terrible state we are in, and take Objective decisions to salvage the peoples Paradise.

God Bless Cross River State.
Viktor E. Egba.