Friday, 12 January 2018


|12th January, 2019| Okon Effiong

 Alhaji Ibrahim Dankwambo is the Governor of Gombo state from 2011. He was a former Accountant-General of the federation. Dankwambo is a young man (will be 56 by April 4, 2018), he is roundly experienced, exposed and educated up to Ph.d and pass through the qualifying examination of several professional bodies including ICAN.

 It was during his tenure as Accountant-General of the federation that he introduced the integrated payroll personnel information system(IPPIS), central payment of salaries of staff in all the ministries, departments and agencies using an automated system to checkmate fraud, he was also part of the revolution in the public sector that brought E-payment system which abolished the use of cheques in the government businesses at the Federal level, because of this idea, staff, contractors and service providers now set their accounts credited automatically through E-PAYMENT. 

He facilitated the Treasury house in Abuja which stand out today as a magnificent edifice in the world. As a Governor, Ibrahim Dankwambo revolutionized Agriculture in Gombo. He procured over 220 tractors, give out grants and loans to farmers, constructed several markets to encourage cotton farming in the state. He turned around the fortune of education in Gombe (constructed over 500 classrooms and recruited well over 1000 degree and NCE graduates to teach), constructed over 3000kms roads including federal roads, constructed several hospitals and health centers and equipped them with modern health facilities. Security is his top priority, that's why Boko Haram cannot penetrate Gombe state. He is a man of excellent performance and integrity, corruption free. 

Alhaji Dankwambo is a seasonal administrator, financial expert, economist, achiever and peacemaker. Obviously, his solid credentials can speak for him in the contest for the P.D.P presidential ticket. Based on his age, track records and performance as a former Accountant-General of the federation and as a Governor of Gombe state, we "THE YOUTH VOLUNTEERS ELITE" a Political Group in Nigeria called on Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo to contest for the presidential election 2019.

Comrade. Okon Effiong 
National Coordinator, Youth Volunteers Elite.