Wednesday, 10 January 2018

A Lecturer with COE Akamkpa calls it quit, says Provost too weak to take critical decisions

|10th January, 2018|Ukorebi Esien

Comrade Anthony Bissong Attah, a Profound History lecturer with the Cross River State College of Education Akamkpa has called it quit with the College.  Thedailynews can authoritatively confirm.

Comrade Attah who tendered his resignation letter to the Registrar of the College on the 22nd day of December, 2107 said he was resigning because he could no longer 'work under hash intellectual firmament.'

In his letter, Comrade Bisong 

In a 3-paragraph document obtained by TDN and signed by Comr Attah, took out time to explain what he meant by 'Hash intellectual firmament.' while he stated the alleged weakness of the Provost of the institution in taking critical decisions that will advance the course of COE, as one of the reasons necessitating the termination of his services. 

The document reads in part : 'In recent times things have taken a downward turn in the College. A college that is meant to be a citadel of learning has dramatically nosedived into a theater of absurdities. Academic standards is at its lowest as result is now for the highest bidder. Corruption has assumed a new dimension in the College. 

'The desperation of the Acting Provost to remain in office despite exhausting his six months appointment in that capacity has made him weak in taking critical decisions that can move the college forward. His clear lack of capacity, focus, and clear handling of affairs has reduced the College to the status of a glorified secondary school. Little wonder why the current semester is spanning more than six months. 

'Worse still, our Union that should have stood as the last hope of the College is enmeshed in financial rascality and compromise. Those of us that dare to ask questions are constantly attacked, harangued, threatened and treated with impunity', he continued. 

According to Attah, owing to the future of Nigerian students his conscience is denied the 'luxury of intrusion' and thus constrained to resign his services with COE, Akamkpa. 

It would be recalled that there's a lopsided appointment last year at the college. Commissioner for Edu, Goddy Ettah, implicated in lopsided recruitment exercise in College of Edu, Akamkpa

The Letter reads in Full: