Thursday, 11 January 2018

Cross River 2019: Who Cares about zoning - Victor Egba

|11th January, 2018| Victor Egba
They comes a time where traditions, status quo, are utterly useless. Times where the forces of nature define the events of man, times where the it has been must be altered. In the flexibility of natural circumstances, genetic mutations occur, such spontaneous reactions that give rise to a new order. When Vladimir Lenin, led the Russian revolution, he believed in the truism, that no matter the force of established rules, nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.

Dear Cross Riverians, we are now in that pre revolution era, the forces of tribalism, ethnic chauvinism, financial inducement, personal and selfish interest are laying bare its full monstrous heads, there is an economic divide, between the haves, and the haves not, a political separation between the what ought to be and what has to be, we are bedeviled with a totally sensitive nonsense such as the Zoning of the Office the Governor.

There is a fundamentally radicalized school, that is rubbing mud on our faces, abusing our collective intelligence and blackmailing us into believing in an Unconstitutional arrangement, that says because it has, it must. This people do not have regard for the mismanagement of our public funds, the amusing nonchalant to government, and the general under performance of the administration, the are busy attempting to cajol all Cross Riverians to an ungodly, selfish, power holding, adventure. Too bad.

That democracy is the bedrock of our society, and the constitution our definition of right and wrong, the argument to compel us all to Zone the Governorship to a particular region is totally crumbling like a pack of Cards. The office of the governor of our state is not a traditional title, the power to decide lies in the people, if the people think otherwise, the political parties do not have the right to deny the people a choice.
Those scared of losing, should not contest, 2019 is Judgement day.