Sunday, 7 January 2018

What has Owan really done? Part 1 by Victor Adaha

|07 January, 2018| Victor Adaha

The man Senator John Owan Enoh no doubt is a prominent name in Cross river state politics and indeed in the legislative arm of government, as he has been in the national assembly since 2003 till date. He has successively served in different committees, he started with the lower house of the national assembly (house of representatives) in 2003 where he served until 2015, untill subsequently when he was supposedly promoted to the higher house (the senate). There is no doubt Owan Enoh is a fine and erudite legislator, otherwise how can one explain his continuous clinching to the seat since 2003 as a member of house of representatives? 

Under review is his walk so far as a senator representing Cross river central senatorial district, his activities so far in the red chambers, how he has successfully (if he has) replaced his predecessor in the house, how Owan’s senatorial representation has attracted federal presence to his constituency how he has discharged his statutory duties as a legislator of the highest house in the country.

For the purpose of this X-ray, the period of time in view would span through the beginning of this eighth (8th) national assembly which is 2015 till date, and the cardinal points of focus which would guide our analysis would be centered and subject to the following; namely
Constituency projects embarked on.
Bills sponsored.
Since 2015, there have being two bills so far MAINLY credited to the senator in the upper chambers of the national assembly (senate), this is without prejudice to bills moved for motion which he might have supported, and others he contributed to. The two bills so listed to his name includes;
Proposed bill on currency law (foreign exchange).

Proposed bill for an act to repeal the emergency power act 1996 (power bill).
Part of which has being strongly criticized, and moves made by the Attorney General of the Federation(AGF) to change in some form. It is on record, that while the distinguish senator has these two proposed bills to his credit, other senators in the house are bagging several already passed bills, and some still under consideration all to their names, some to the magnitude ten (10). It is no rocket science nor alien as even his fellow Cross riverian senator, Rose Oko, as at 2016 had five bills credited to her name and recently in June 2017 was credited with seven (7) bills which remains a far cry from his.

This information was also confirmed from senator Owan’s official page.
It is widely believed and argued that the primary responsibility of legislators is to make laws, if this is accepted by all, then how do one judge a senator who has a paltry sum of just two bills credited to his name for a whooping period of three years in senate? This thought keeps me in a state of reminiscence. If this was to be a score card, what would be your judgement?

This is one aspect of the duties attached to legislators which has for long remained an issue in the court of public opinion. Constituency projects is highly controversial as huge amount of funds are mostly voted out for this, but pitifully no one checks the legislators to hold them accountable for every penny so collected for the sole purpose of constituency projects, this huge chunk of money mostly goes unaccounted for, some legislators would tell you the fund is similar to the security votes collected by the executives, which the executive do not account for.
Its obvious Senator John Owan Enoh has carried out constituency projects, which largely depends on whichever way the reader sees it from. On the list of his constituency projects/ constituency activities includes MAINLY the following;

Seventy million naira educational support for students.
Joe foundation (which activities as at press time could not really be listed).
Football fiesta.
Christmas fiesta.

NB; these were all available information in the public.
The four listed activities so far could be said to be the senator’s constituency projects/constituency activities since inception into the highly distinguished seat of the senate for about three years now. How then can the vote for constituency projects to Cross river central senatorial district be justified?
These votes which runs into multi millions if not billions of naira, could be said to be what has funded the above listed pet projects/activities thus far.

I humbly and sincerely recognize the fact that so much more COULD have being done, and also as a public relations practitioner I also acknowledge the fact as well that, the doing is more important than the saying, but never the less there must be saying after the doing. So therefor, if there is any feeling of under-reporting, I take no fault in that, as these are all the information in public glare.

Judging by these two benchmarks and considering the performance of the distinguished senator, I leave my now well informed readers to articulately and rationally come to a score and grade to which they would hence assess, evaluate and judge our senator.

This is not a diatribe or any form of avalanche targeted at any individual, group or institution, as the writer remains an apolitical public affairs analyst devoid of any form of primordial sentiments. And would accept no claim of damage whatsoever.

Victor Adaha (Mr apolitical)
Public affairs analyst.