Friday, 5 January 2018

When Leadership comes without Responsibilities, Disaster becomes a National delicacy

|04 January, 2018|Samuel Ajayi

Someone asked me why do I criticise Buhari and his supporters and I told him that they (supporters) usually take away the first ingredient of leadership from him. Which is RESPONSIBILITY.

I have never in my adult life seen a situation whereby a leader is often exonerated from any ill plaguing the organisation he leads the way Buhari supporters do. The man is never guilty of anything in the warped and slavish estimation of his bootlickers. Others are always wrong on his BEHALF. To these low minds, he is above error.

The fuel crisis is a case in study. You are blaming Maikanti Baru, the NNPC boss. Same to Ibe Kachikwu, the minister of state for petroleum. What of the man who appointed himself as the minister of petroleum?

"NNPC is paying subsidy, not Federal government," Osibajo told us.
Please, who does NNPC report to? When NNPC awarded contracts running to over $26b, Kachikwu raised hell, Baru said he got approval from Buhari. But now that fuel scarcity is ravaging us, Buhari suddenly is no longer involved! It has become Baru and Kachikwu's funeral.

Buhari announced board appointments. It included the name of late Senator Okposo who would have been 82 this December were he to be alive. Even Buhari issued a public statement when he died last year condoling the family. But shockingly, a year after his death, he has been "appointed" the chairman of National Press Council.

And you know what? The blame, as usual, will go to someone else.
Under Jonathan, Buhari and APC supporters said he (GEJ) was responsible for anything wrong with his government. Under Buhari, others are.
And you want to convince me you are so sensible enough to be taken serious?
Come on!